Why Duetto

Why Duetto

Our hotel and technology partners answer.

“I don't have to spend hours inputting and crunching Excel. And I don't have time to create the reports that are relevant to me, so Duetto saves a tremendous amount of effort.”

Lucy Clark

Director of Development
Riversage Inns

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“To identify changes in real time and not wait another day to see the results or pull a report, makes a very big difference.”

Jesse Sturges

Director of Strategic Marketing
Mohegan Sun

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“I can easily switch between properties if I'm looking for some results or for some decisions. It's a time saver.”

Victoria Fischer

Regional Revenue Manager

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“Whatever actions or decision we may take, we will always go to Duetto to see if that is the correct thing to do. It’s like having extra revenue managers working for you, which is fantastic.”

Diana Perez

Revenue Manager
Villa Magna

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“In my opinion, Duetto is the only system that can deliver a real time feeling that you are able to monitor your business all the time and have the confidence that everything you do has a direct reaction and you can influence that.”

Felix Kramer

Director of Business Analytics

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“Quick answers and quick access to very good and solid analytics allows us to make much better decisions and be able to be much more strategic.”

Fiorella Simoes

Director of Sales & Marketing
Hotel Villa Magna

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"It gives the revenue manager on property more time to look at the other things. It frees up their time to make sure the other areas we can make money are flowing."

Chris Curry

Area Director of Revenue Management
The J Collection

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“It's just like, a time and a lifesaver, you know? The important things that I need to make decisions are in Duetto.”

Matthias Heel

Group Director of Revenue & Reservations
Ruby Hotels

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"What I personally like is the high level of automation. So I can actually rely on Duetto making good decisions, without even checking it."

Tobias Koehler

Group Marketing Director
Ruby Hotels

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"Instead of just crunching numbers and pulling reports, I'm allowed more time to think creatively. It frees you up."

Nathan Gray

Regional Director of Revenue Management
Coast Hotels USA

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"The determination to drive personalization mirrors our beliefs that it is about getting the right offer at the right price to the right person at the right time."

Michael Struck

Founder and CEO
Ruby Hotels

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"Duetto helps me to be much more reactive."

Caroline LeBourg

Revenue Manager
The Curtain

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"It's a very professional team that I can trust and they've been very close to us from the very beginning."

Ruben Sarasola

Director of Revenue
Nobu Hotel Shoreditch

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"Duetto allows us to be creative, and to change and adapt our strategies in fast changing environments."

Deniel Frey

VP Revenue Management

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With Duetto, we’ve shifted from executing to thinking. The success is measurable, not only in RevPAR and ADR, but also in the way our people can be predictive for the next month.

Luis Monteiro

Chief Digital Officer
Pestana Hotel Group

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“What Duetto brings to the table is diversity of understanding different parts of information that needs to be collated in order to do well.”

Michael Levie

Chief Operations Officer
citizenM Hotels

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“I want to do business with good people who I trust and who I believe will deliver.”

Eric Danziger

CEO, Trump Hotel Group

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“It’s a very nimble product, and the integration is the best you’re going to see.”

Alan Genin

Senior Vice President of Revenue and Ecommerce, Great Wolf Lodge

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“We ended up with Duetto because it was like the new generation of hotel revenue management.”

Enrique Calderon

Chief Operating Officer
Grupo Posadas

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There are three things that led to us working with Duetto: Open Pricing, the Customer Success team, and the ease of using and understanding the system.

Sheran Loh

Vice President of Revenue Management and Global Reservations
Frasers Hospitality

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Duetto’s biggest asset is its people. Once I opened up dialogue with the Customer Success team, it was easy. They suggest a lot of options for revenue management strategies.

Sandy Chun

Corporate Director of Revenue Strategy
Proper Hospitality

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I trust what Duetto’s people tell me and what they’ve shown me. The system is easy to use and understand, and it comes with a very good support system.

Harold Henning

Area Director of Revenue Management
The William Vale Hotel

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The application puts all my potential resources in one place and makes finding the data that I want to find very easy.

Tom Cox

Hotel Manager
Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

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We had instant improvements: My manual processes got cut in half, if not more, on what I had to do daily to change rates.

Christin Medina

Research and Revenue Manager
Chumash Casino Resort

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The reason we selected Duetto is because our cultures are quite similar.

Bob Engeringh

Commercial Director
citizenM Hotels

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I found the GameChanger application to be user-friendly and that I could learn it quickly. We’re very happy with Duetto, and it’s a part of our turnaround in the hotel.

Josh Brugger

General Manager
The MarQueen Hotel

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In our first year with Duetto, our RevPAR increased by more than 25%.

Alex Kirkwood

Kirkwood Collection Inc.

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Open Pricing was really an eye opener for us. Duetto’s team is also important for us, because we not only get great service, we also get great ideas from them.

Marc Fries

Vice President of Change Management

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Thanks to Duetto, we have more time to invest in being strategic, always learning and improving

Ron Van Ardennen

Corporate Business Intelligence and Revenue Manager
Victor’s Residenz-Hotels

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Even though our hotel is quirkier than others, Duetto has cut down the amount of time we spend managing rates. I can focus on other areas of the business I wouldn’t have had time to do before.

Craig McCallum

Operations Manager
Kip Hotels

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I love working with people who understand what we’re doing.

Chris Maitz

Head of Innovation
Wombats Hostels

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“We all can pick the low-hanging fruit, but at some point that fruit is gone. Duetto is your ladder to the best fruit on the tree.”

Susie Rossi

VP of Revenue and Training
Oxford Corporate

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“The Customer Success team speaks my language, was in my shoes for the most part, and is able to understand my language and my problems.”

Pia Leonard

Regional Director of Revenue Management
Warwick Hotels

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“After reviewing the marketplace, we thought Duetto had the best combination of flexibility, the right tools and the right connectivity to affect our performance.”

Mark Carrier

B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group

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“To be honest, it’s making life much easier for me.”

Tore Petersen

Director of Revenue Management and Pricing Strategy
Brøchner Hotel

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“I can get all the information I need to make the best decisions about optimizing my revenue.

Heather Strout

Director of Revenue Management, Kennebunkport Resort Collection

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“Duetto envisions the future like we envision the future.”

Brian Bolf

Vice President of Profit Optimization, Kokua Hospitality

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“It certainly captures the data that we need and gives you a very accurate perspective.”

Raúl Leal

CEO of Virgin Hotels

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“The platform is so user-friendly, and that gives us a lot of time to spend most of our time trying to make decisions on what’s better for our hotels.”

Sergio Zertuche

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Palladium Hotel Group

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“We tried to gather as much intelligence as we could, and there seemed to be some consensus on this company called Duetto.”

Fred Grapstein

Senior VP, Vornado Realty Trust

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“They speak the language and that makes it a lot easier to communicate.”

Jenna Villalobos

Corporate Director of Revenue Optimization, KSL Resorts

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“Duetto is able to give us an idea of the mind of the customers as they approach the channels.”

Robin Kirk

CEO, Scout Hotels

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“Revenue Strategy is not only revenue management. What you really need is to make decisions, and Duetto helps us make good decisions.”

Rony Bourached

Operations Manager, Les Hôtels Emeraude

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