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Dynamic pricing for meetings and event spaces


Duetto acquires MiceRate (now OpenSpace)

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Automated and data-driven
dynamic pricing for meetings 
and event spaces.


The function space pricing algorithm calculates daily rates based on historical data combined with current demand patterns.

Open pricing


"It has given us the opportunity to make our prices more flexible whilst reducing the time needed. Our pricing strategy couldn't be implemented if we'd had to calculate manually."
Lutz Frey, General Manager, Atrium Hotel


Yield management


Package rate availability

Define availability and individual conditions for meeting and event packages.

Minimum and maximum occupancies

Determine the minimum and maximum amount for services, products and items in order to offer the right price according to your restriction management.

Dynamic function space charge

Put an end to static function space pricing and optimize its full scope of flexibility.

Daily rates

Take advantage of the price algorithm which compares historical data with current booking patterns. Depending on demand level it will put forward suggestions and align prices automatically.


Duetto acquires MiceRate (now OpenSpace)

Read the press release

Sales tools

Live calculation

Let your customers create quotations using the booking engine on your homepage whilst the tool calculates the price in real-time. Upselling options are also calculated live.

Inquiry assistant

Use the inquiry assistant for internal sales of meeting spaces and banquet rooms. Create customer specific offers within a short time frame which are calculated automatically by Duetto.

Booking engine

Your individualized tool for online sales of meeting rooms and banquet spaces. Use it as a white label solution on your homepage.


Generate quotations

Your customers as well as your employees can quickly find their way around the user-friendly booking engine and draw up an individual offer.

Prices are calculated in real-time according to the hotel’s or venue’s pricing rules.

Pricing calendar

Transparency is key: Let your customers decide for themselves which date is worth the price.

Serving the different budgets of your customers helps to run full capacities depending on different demand levels, balancing price with occupancy for maximum revenue.

Real-time availabilities

With live PMS integrations, you will be able to display real-time availability online.


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