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Open Pricing

Optimize your hotel revenue strategy through Open Pricing


Independently yield all segments, room types, and distribution channels

Open pricing

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By adopting an Open Pricing methodology, hotel revenue management teams can yield all segments, room types, and distribution channels independently and in real time.
An Open Pricing strategy enables rates to adapt to market demand. On compression nights, discounts can be flexed to zero rather than closed so that your inventory remains available on all channels.

Always open, always selling

Yield based on demand

Yield based on demand

Duetto Open Pricing enables hotel revenue teams to optimize segments, discounts, and rate packages independently, supported by a flexible and responsive strategy based on market demand.

Drive higher room rates

With Open Pricing, your hotel rooms are optimally priced for each day, each guest segment, and each room type, driving higher room rates and increased profitability.
Drive higher room rates
Sell infinite price points

Sell infinite price points

Boost your profitability and flex unlimited incremental price points on your demand curve, regardless of the BAR price. Stay open and selling even during peak periods.
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Use our ROI Calculator to see how Duetto can help you find incremental gains in rooms revenue, optimize group business, and drive greater profitability.
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