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Duetto’s analytics are based on more data sources than any other RMS, enabling hoteliers to deploy modern pricing strategies and agile distribution, maximizing revenues.
With real-time data, advanced analytics, customizable dashboards, and automated pricing, your hotels can stay ahead of their competitors and maximize their revenue potential with Duetto, the world’s most useable revenue management system.

Boost your revenue with 
predictive analytics for hotels

Take control of pricing

Take control of pricing

Real-time data and automation features give hotels more control over their pricing strategy, enabling them to set parameters, monitor results, and adapt quickly to market changes.

Gain the competitive advantage

Duetto’s revenue management system gives hotels a comprehensive view of the market, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition and react instantly to demand variables.
Gain the competitive advantage
Increase your hotel revenue

Increase your hotel revenue

Using Duetto’s real-time data and advanced analytics, easily shared across teams, departments, and stakeholders, hotels can make better-informed pricing decisions that lead to increased revenue.
Automated pricing and customizable dashboards without dedicating a lot of time to data analysis.
Our algorithms analyze market data and make real-time adjustments, delivering the best rates possible.
Our multi-level algorithm uses statistical methods of data analysis, machine learning, and human input.
Analytics based on more data sources than other RMS’, delivering insights and price recommendations.
Duetto harnesses the combination of machine learning analytics with human experience to deliver strategy.
Hotels can view their data through customizable dashboards that display key metrics and trends.
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Use our ROI Calculator to see how Duetto can help you find incremental gains in rooms revenue, optimize group business, and drive greater profitability.
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GameChanger for pricing helps maximize booking revenues and profits. It empowers hotels to sharpen revenue management strategies through innovative technology.
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ScoreBoard enables revenue teams to create forecasts in minutes, create custom reports and receive business insights instantly in interactive dashboards.
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BlockBuster helps you discover the optimal blend of group and transient business at the right rate, at the right time.
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Made possible by world-class data integrations, Duetto Advance combines market and event data with real-time streaming analytics for continuous optimization to maximize profitability.
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"The analytics allow us to drill down as we need or get a simple high-level view of what our demand and opportunities are."

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Luxury Hotel, Biloxi, Mississippi

"Analytics are on point and accurate, making insights easy to gain."

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Boutique Hotel, Hollywood, Los Angeles

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