The Duetto Story

Founded in 2012, our solutions address the biggest problems faced by the hospitality industry by simplifying distribution complexity and optimizing profitability with unique and powerful applications that increase conversion, guest loyalty, operational efficiency and revenue. Our goal is to become the most trusted, effective and widely used hotel technology company in the world.

June 2010 | Duetto Consulting is launched

Marco Benvenuti and Patrick Bosworth leave Wynn Resorts and launch Duetto Consulting, initially offering profit optimization consulting services using mostly spreadsheets.


March 2011 | First partnership

Duetto first begins working with downtown Las Vegas’s El Cortez Hotel & Casino, which remains a partner today.

June 2011 | Employee No. 1

Duetto Consulting hires its first official employee.


February 2012 | Landing a CTO

Craig Weissman, former CTO of, is brought on board as co-founder and CTO.

March 2012 | Software development

The first line of code was written for a new SaaS-based application, Duetto Edge.

April 2012 | Seed round funding

Duetto secures $2.1m in angel investor funding.

December 2012 | Series A Funding

Duetto secures $10m in Series A funding, led by Battery Ventures.


April 2014 | Duetto launches GameChanger

GameChanger was initially built for casinos, enabling groundbreaking new opportunities to increase revenue and enhance business mix decisions.

May 2014 | Series B Funding

Duetto secures $21m in Series B funding, led by Accel Partners.

June 2014 | 100 hotel watermark

Duetto reaches 100 hotels (in 17 countries).

July 2014 | Landmark deal

Duetto signs first chain of more than 50 hotels, located in the U.S.

October 2014 | London office opens

Duetto opens its first international office, a European headquarters in London.

November 2014 | Flight data added

Duetto begins integrating flight data at origin points of travel to help measure demand.


August 2015 | Series C Funding

Duetto secures $30m in Series C funding, led by Icon Ventures.

November 2015 | First Revenue Strategy Forum, London

Duetto hosts a new European event: Revenue Strategy Forum London.


January 2016 | Largest customer to date

Duetto agrees to implement its solutions for NH Hotel Group across their 400 hotels and 60,000 rooms in Europe, the Americas and Africa.

September 2016 | Duetto launched ScoreBoard

ScoreBoard is introduced as a hotel business intelligence tool to offer more insights across hotel portfolios beyond manual spreadsheet reporting.


August 2017 | First Australian Hotel

The Tank Stream Hotel becomes the first hotel in Australia to use Duetto.

November 2017 | Duetto launches Blockbuster

Duetto introduces BlockBuster, an application that enhances collaboration between sales and revenue management, allowing hotels to optimize group and non-contracted business.


February 2018 | $80m Series D funding

Duetto announces the closing of an $80 million Series D financing round led by Warburg Pincus.


March 2019 | EMEA milestone

Duetto surpasses 850 partner hotels in EMEA, representing 150,000 rooms.