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Managed services

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Whether you require the set-up and deployment of a fully optimized revenue strategy or ad-hoc services to support when needed, we have it covered.
Duetto is built by hoteliers for hoteliers, and as such we have a wealth of experienced hotel revenue experts on our team. Take advantage of their operational excellence through our consulting services.

Access a global team of
revenue experts today

A complete top-line service

A complete top-line service

We understand not every hotel requires a full-time revenue professional, but every hotel needs to optimize profit. Our strategic consulting team can craft your top-line strategy.

Fill interim staffing gaps

Our a la carte revenue management consultancy services enable you to quickly plug any gaps caused by staff shortages. Just tell us what help you need.
Fill interim staffing gaps
The ultimate tech support

The ultimate tech support

Many hotels use our consultants to streamline deployment and integration with their tech stack, establish their revenue strategy, and then hit AutoPilot and watch rates grow.
We can identify immediate revenue-generating opportunities and set your hotel business up for success.
Optimize your group sales effort. Let our team help with negotiated wholesale rate strategies.
Employ a multi-channel distribution strategy with rates yielded by guest segment, room, and channel.
Improve digital marketing. We work with sales and marketing to craft your go-to-market strategy.
A global revenue team from North America to Europe, the Middle East, and APAC.
Training modules educate teams on revenue optimization; with best practices they can use daily.
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Use our ROI Calculator to see how Duetto can help you find incremental gains in rooms revenue, optimize group business, and drive greater profitability.
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GameChanger for pricing helps maximize booking revenues and profits. It empowers hotels to sharpen revenue management strategies through innovative technology.
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ScoreBoard enables revenue teams to create forecasts in minutes, create custom reports and receive business insights instantly in interactive dashboards.
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BlockBuster helps you discover the optimal blend of group and transient business at the right rate, at the right time.
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Made possible by world-class data integrations, Duetto Advance combines market and event data with real-time streaming analytics for continuous optimization to maximize profitability.
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"All the support, project management, data and development teams are great and have guided us throughout."

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