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Our vision

To become the revenue and profit operating system for the hotel industry.

Our mission

Duetto creates software to unlock revenue and profit for potential hoteliers.

Multinational, multicultural, all-inclusive, and fun

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Meet the Duetto team

We are proud to foster a culture that respects and values people from widely different backgrounds and cultures. We are spread far and wide geographically, but with a great sense of teamship.

My favorite part about working at Duetto is the enormous cohesion in our team and to support our clients in implementing their strategies with the help of our system. Seeing our clients achieve their goals with Duetto is a very special reward.

Laura Leser, Customer Success Manager

Duetto has challenged me and allowed me to grow in a way I did not expect. I knew that I would be using all of my past experience in hotels and revenue management in my day to day, but I did not expect to also learn so much about tech and software. The same investigating I may have done in my hotel days is used today when trying to find the cause of an issue a customer may be experiencing. In my role there is a level of creative problem solving required that I enjoy, and I love that working for Duetto makes you to flex so many different muscles at once. There is never a boring day!

Melissa Rasmussen, Customer Success Manager

The teamwork and collaboration is my favorite part of working at Duetto. Everyone is valued, heard, and important. This allows one to focus on working with their team to find solutions and innovate rather than focus or worry on fulfilling personal agendas.

Uma Parakala, Senior Member of Technical Staff

What I most appreciate about Duetto's culture is I feel empowered to carry out my job responsibilities with a great deal of trust an autonomy because we are a "results" driven organization. We work with a diverse group of highly talented individuals who are self-driven and self-accountable. It is truly a pleasure to work with peers who hold themselves to such a high standard and it inspires me to give my best every day.

Jessica Rodriguez,Director of Revenue

For me the most important value at Duetto is "Come as you are"Having the chance to be yourself at work gives you the possibility to grow in a more authentic and relaxed way. When you give people the opportunity to show their true colors is when they give their best without a doubt!

Joli Solari - Workplace Experience Manager

Play to win! Duetto has an innovative workplace culture. We build partnerships with our customers, partners, employees, and team members are encouraged to try new ideas and improvements and allow room for failure.

Jenna Xue, Regional Marketing Manager, APAC

I have the opportunity and support to take risks and think outside of the box without the fear of failing. Innovation does not happen if you only color within the lines nor does it happen if you are just repeating the same steps over and over again.

Guido Salvatori, Senior Director Integration

Play to win! I am a very competitive person by nature and I love the fact that our ambition is rightly to always win but also to do it with humility. We celebrate our success and recognise everyone's contribution.

David Goodman, Director of Sales EMEA

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