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Gain house

Enable online loyalty bookings with Duetto’s modern, real-time integrations. React faster with more frequent optimizations.

Transform casino revenue management to revenue strategy

Duetto’s cloud-based pricing, forecasting, reporting and group pricing applications work together to enhance revenue, efficiency, conversion, and guest loyalty for casino hotels across the globe.

Better segmentation, intelligent pricing

Open Pricing enables casinos to price all room types, distribution channels, customer segments, and stay dates independently, maximizing revenue without closing any booking opportunities.

Automation saves you time

With Duetto’s innovative revenue management system casinos can automate the majority of back office and call center jobs, and work with algorithm-produced 
rate recommendations.

Cloud technology unifies teams

Your casino’s revenue data is centralized in one place for greater collaboration amongst all your teams. Ultimately, this allows a more seamless customer experience.

Duetto’s Casino Revenue Management Solution works!


More about casino revenue management solutions

Find out more about how Duetto’s casino revenue management software helps gaming properties to optimize on every revenue opportunity in a more robust, streamlined way, with our resource collection below.

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