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Forecast. Track. Exceed.
With ScoreBoard, Duetto’s
forecasting solution

Innovative revenue forecasting
software for hospitality businesses

With ScoreBoard, hotels, casinos and resorts can create accurate day-level forecasts in minutes, and through custom reports and interactive dashboards, receive business insights instantly.
ScoreBoard, Duetto’s innovative budgeting, forecasting and reporting software, gives hotels the power to improve forecast accuracy with daily segment forecasts, allowing them to bridge the gap between commercial strategy and operations planning.
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Revenue forecasting in minutes
Set month-level revenue forecasts for every segment. Create daily custom forecasts automatically with Duetto’s SmartSpread technology.
Diagnose it. Solve it
Switch between macro and micro level insights effortlessly to focus on individual properties or entire portfolios.
Unique reporting and forecasting
Using visual, real-time reports and forecasting tools, you’ll easily create customized insights into your business metrics.
Analytics for far-reaching forecasting
Generate projections for 5 years and streamline forecast and budget processes across properties with Template workflows.
Explore total guest and ancillary spend
Examine your total guest spend by integrating folio-level information and past, present and future rate data.
Goodbye to expensive upgrades
The first RMS built on AWS multi-tenant cloud architecture ensures you’re automatically using the latest version.
Forecast, track, and exceed
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Drive more business with ScoreBoard’s revenue intelligence solutions

Rapid reporting in minutes
No time to waste
First glance data visualization
No tedious data entry
Easily customize your dashboard

Our world-class partnerships fuel your success

Working with 100+ world-class integration partners, including 30+ PMS providers, we provide hotel revenue teams with actionable data and seamless connections they can trust.
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More features of ScoreBoard to enhance your business

ScoreBoard offers innovative revenue forecasting software that will revolutionize your approach to reporting and forecasting. Here are some of the additional features it offers.
More data than anyone
Competitor data, regrets and denials, booking and reservation data, reviews and comments.
Access total revenue data
Access data from the PMS to optimize data outside of just rooms revenue.
Automate daily/weekly reports
With complete automation, you’ll save time running and collating reports for stakeholders.
Get independent financial forecasts
Enjoy accurate forecasted performance metrics curated independent of other revenue management systems.

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