Forecast in Minutes

With month-level entry and the flexibility to make adjustments at the stay date level, you spend minutes, not days, building forecasts and budgets.


"It certainly captures the data that we need and gives you a very accurate perspective" 

- Raul Leal, CEO, Virgin Hotels

More data than any other RMS

  • Ingests information like competitor data, web shopping regrets and denials, booking and reservation data, reviews and social media comments.
  • Designed for real-time integration to unify systems across your entire tech stack.

“It’s beautiful to have an application that can still drill down to the 15 things you need to look at before you make a decision. I’m actually really looking forward to budget season now.”

- Susie Rossi, Vice President of Revenue Management and Training, Oxford Corporate

Diagnose and triage multiple properties with ease

Toggle between portfolio-wide reports that present the big picture, or drill down on property-level details. 


“In our first year with Duetto, our RevPAR increased by more than 25%.”

- Alex Kirkwood, President, Kirkwood Collection Inc.

Custom Reports

  • Informs unique and differentiated pricing strategies with highly visual, real-time reports and dashboards.
  • Allows you to create reports that standardize your revenue strategy across multiple properties. 

More features and benefits of using ScoreBoard


Tailored reports and dashboards

Customize the data so you only see the most important metrics for your unique hotel.


Automated daily or weekly reports

Spend less time running and collating reports to share with key stakeholders.


Total revenue data and functionality

Sharing folio data from the PMS allows Duetto to optimize data outside of just rooms revenue.


Independent financial forecasts

Receive forecasted performance metrics without a traditional revenue management system.

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