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BlockBuster for
managing groups easily

Find the right balance with our
group booking solution

Maximize revenue and increase total profitability across transient and group business with BlockBuster.
Create cohesive, flexible pricing strategies across segments to reduce variability, lower risk, and secure business, while improving collaboration between revenue and sales teams.
Optimize your pricing strategy
Respond to demand and capacity with our AI-powered rate recommendations, to deliver the right rate at the right time.
Balance group and transient bookings
Access incremental profit data and alternative stay dates, to make transient displacement decisions based on profitability, when evaluating group requests.
Be first to proposal
Respond to group inquiries quickly, with clear profitability insights, a single source of truth, and in-built communication tools, to ensure you’re always first to proposal.
Automate group wash projections
Adjust demand forecast, occupancy forecast, and yielding capacity based on user input and situational knowledge.
Price for total revenue optimization
Consider potential incremental profit from group ancillary and gaming revenue with our dynamic pricing logic.
Access real-time insights
Visualize group business by stage compared to transient business and expected metrics, including Duetto and user forecasts.
Smarter group decisions
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Make data-driven group business decisions

Improve team efficiency
Understand displacement impact
Protect your peak demand days
Determine impact on demand

Our world-class partnerships fuel your success

Working with 100+ world-class integration partners, including 30+ PMS providers, we provide hotel revenue teams with actionable data and seamless connections they can trust.
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Revolutionize your group business

Used with our pricing, forecasting, and reporting solutions, BlockBuster is an effective group booking solution that will help you optimize your revenue management strategy.
Intelligent analytics
With our solution, you can easily evaluate demand and capacity, to ensure you have the optimal blend of transient and group segments to drive revenue.
Dynamic pricing
Our automations and pricing logic allow you to adapt to market demand and maximize your profit, capitalizing on every opportunity.
Collaborative quoting
Involve key team members in group booking decisions and make rate recommendations with our messaging functionality.
Real-time insights
We bring everything you need to see into one interactive real-time dashboard, that’s accessible to your team 24 hours a day, around the globe.

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