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BlockBuster for smarter
group business

Find the perfect mix with Duetto’s
group booking software

BlockBuster, group accommodation software that helps you discover the optimal blend of group and transient business at the right rate, at the right time.
Empower sales and revenue teams with BlockBuster software. Its innovative and game-changing collaboration potential and workflows strengthen your team, with quick approval processes and communication tracking, ensuring you’re always first-to-proposal — every time.
Controlled and streamlined processes
Revenue teams provide pricing strategies enabling sales teams to quote quickly, without going back and forth.
Profit-based group rate recommendations
Rate recommendations based on acquisition cost, transient displacement, ancillary profit margins, and reliable group demand forecast.
No more costly upgrades
Our AWS multi-tenant cloud architecture means Sales and Revenue teams automatically access the latest version, always.
BlockBuster uses open pricing
The industry’s most profitable pricing methodology allows flexible rate optimization by room type and stay date.
Eliminate complexity, save time
Run quick, real-time displacement analysis using profitability metrics for accurate and holistic evaluation of opportunity costs.
Simpler group accommodation management
Pre-populated group quotations, full pipeline visibility, and effortless communications tracking decrease operational inefficiencies = Simpler Group Business.
Smarter group business
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Our world-class partnerships fuel your success

Working with 100+ world-class integration partners, including 30+ PMS providers, we provide hotel revenue teams with actionable data and seamless connections they can trust.
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More features of Duetto’s BlockBuster software for hotels

Used with our Pricing, Forecasting, and Reporting solutions, Blockbuster is an incredibly effective piece of group booking software that will revolutionize group accommodation management.
Group accommodation management one-stop-shop
Find all data and information in one place without switching between systems.
Faster sales, and quicker
Automated, displacement-driven rate recommendations allow you to reply to your customer inquiries and RFPs without delay.
Inter-system data sharing capabilities
Eradicate double-entry. Import group reservations from your sales and catering system to get profit-driven displacement analysis.
More efficient group quoting
Ensure your groups get the right prices by creating checks and balances between the sales and revenue teams.

"BlockBuster saves so much time in calculations for group pricing - breaking it down to one crucial number makes decisions easy."

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Limited Service Hotel, Bavaria, Germany

"BlockBuster allows our sales team to look at the possible displacement a group may potentially cause."

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Branded Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

"We all can pick the low-hanging fruit, but at some point, that fruit is gone. Duetto is your ladder to the best fruit on the tree."

Susie Rossi VP of Revenue and Training of Oxford Corporate

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