Rethinking Your Hotel Tech Stack

Between a complex landscape of legacy technology, the abundance of analog operational processes, and a crowded field of providers trying to innovate in the hospitality space, many hotels have arrived at an expensive, inefficient tech stack. But advancements in cloud and mobile technology represent an opportunity to migrate data and systems to the cloud, advancing hotels’ revenue and guest engagement strategies.

Webinar Agenda

  • Transitioning from legacy systems to cloud-based applications to meet guest expectations for digital convenience, while fostering better collaboration.
  • Conceptualizing an IT stack less reliant on in-house systems, letting properties focus on guest service while technology specialists concentrate on innovation.
  • Driving profitability by lowering costs for technology while increasing revenue through greater guest service and revenue strategies.
  • Aligning all stages of the customer journey to optimize the entire experience

Look Who’s Talking

Dmitry Koltunov

Dmitry Koltunov

Co-Founder and CTO


Dan Yacker

Dan Yacker

Vice President of Strategic Alliances