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Revenue Survival: Deciding When and What To Automate

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Our One World, One Industry, One Conversation webinar series continues with a look at  how to get the right balance between automation and control.

Learn how H-Hotels and Village Hotels are using controlled automation to bring order to revenue.

What we’re discussing:

  • How can hotels regain control of volatile demand?
  • Is now the time to turn off your automation?
  • How can you create conditional strategies that are agile and quick to implement?


David Woolenberg, CEO of Duetto
Deniel Frey, VP Revenue Management, H-Hotels

Deniel defines how H-Hotels are using controlled automation to help optimise both short-term and long-term demand, and how this enables the team to focus on core areas of the business.

Kelly Cronin, Revenue Director, Village Hotels

Kelly explains how Village Hotels have used the current situation as a time to take stock, re-evaluate segments and consider how they use automation moving forward.

Q&As from the audience
Close - David Woolenberg

Appearing in this webinar



David Woolenberg




kelly Cronin pic

Kelly Cronin

Revenue Director

Village Hotels


deniel frey

Deniel Frey

VP Revenue Management

H Hotels