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COVID-19: When External Events Impact Revenue Management

Duetto data: hotel cancellations in China up 29% while pace dropped 75%. Here's 5 tips for adjusting your Revenue Strategy through COVID-19.


COVID-19: What The Industry Is Saying

Trying to monitor the COVID-19 situation? Here are eight stories worth reading when considering your revenue response to the current crisis.


STR: Hotels In Europe Should Still Plan For Demand This Summer

European hotels should still prepare for summer season, say STR. Travel patterns may alter, but demand could still be there for summer vacations.


Hospitality and the Coronavirus – Accommodating the Unpredictable

Industry leaders from Mews, Duetto, STR, and more discuss the current situation for hotels and provide advice on how to best move forward.


The Cost of COVID-19 On The Events Sector

The Iceberg's James Latham believes the events sector is uniquely position to lead the charge when business returns to normal.


Operating In Uncertain Times

Philip Niemann offers advice to hotels affected by Coronavirus, based on his hospitality experience dealing with SARS and the Bangkok protests.

Empty Sunloungers

Hotel Asset Management During A Crisis

Independent asset manager Alex Slors offers up his advice on how hotels can be rationalising their business during the current crisis. Read now.