Hotels Confront Possible Downturn At Skift Global Forum

by Anya Gostrer | September 26, 2019

I joined Duetto as Director of Product Marketing in the summer. Coming from another SaaS environment but not particularly aware of the finer nuances of the hospitality tech sector, I thought attending the Skift Global Forum in New York would give...

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How Relevant Is Competitor Shopping Data?

Competitor pricing data is meant to be a guide and a measurement, not a "demand signal" or the sole data set off which hotels are making pricing decisions. Some revenue managers and revenue management systems are relying too heavily on competitor...

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Exceeding Expectations On A Tuesday

Launched in 2010, THE FLAG operates a collection of serviced apartments, student accommodation and senior living in Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Münster and Attendorn. THE FLAG current operates more than 1,800 units, with expansion in Munich and...

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Casinos: Boost Revenue with a Flexible Reinvestment Strategy

Until recently, marketers and casino revenue managers have largely looked past nuanced reinvestment calculations, because the only goal was filling the hotel and, ultimately, the casino. Consider the following chart: 

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