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How to make group business a team effort

How to make group business a team effort

Successful group bookings require a collaborative effort. But, who should be involved in handling group inquiries, from initial booking requests to post-event follow-ups? The answer varies based on factors such as group size, logistical needs, and potential external vendors. 

Key team members to include in group bookings

Catering manager

With their creativity and upselling skills, catering managers play a vital role in exceeding client expectations by suggesting innovative offerings and enhancements.

Conference services

Not every group requires meeting space, but including the conference team from the beginning ensures optimal utilization of hotel facilities and maximizes revenue potential.


Consulting with engineering prevents unforeseen conflicts, such as maintenance schedules overlapping with group bookings, and facilitates strategic planning for room upgrades and renovations.

Entertainment manager

For resorts with resident entertainment, involving the entertainment manager is essential. They can assist in seating arrangements or venue bookings for group events, providing insights into associated costs and benefits.

Front office

Particularly for groups like weddings, coordination between reservations and the front office ensures seamless check-in experiences and accurate billing, according to negotiated group rates.

General manager

The GM should stay informed about large group arrivals and may join the welcome committee, especially for VIP guests. 


Advance involvement of housekeeping ensures adequate resources for simultaneous guest arrivals and accommodates any special room requirements, amenities, and early check-ins.

Sales manager

Alignment between sales and revenue management is crucial for maximizing profitability. Regular communication ensures both teams are working towards shared objectives without conflicting interests.

Collaboration is the key to success

As a revenue manager, you serve as the central coordinator, ensuring all stakeholders work cohesively towards profitability. Your role involves providing a holistic overview of property operations and guiding decision-making to optimize revenue even during periods of high demand or limited availability.

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