How to Build Data-Driven Strategies

In order for revenue teams to automate repetitive tasks to enable them to be more strategic and ‘manage by exception’ they need to first understand what system and strategy inputs are accurate and most relevant. This means ensuring you’re...

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Automation: Taking the Technology ‘Leap of Faith’

We’ve seen automation become prevalent across many other industries, from marketing automation tools to self-driving cars. Automation relies on a framework of artificial intelligence and/or machine learning. In the simplest sense, this means a...

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Madrid Hotels Score Big With Champions League Final

We’ve looked a lot at how revenue teams are ‘managing by exception’, and a global sporting event presents a big exception and a big opportunity to optimise on rates and push profit.

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Serviced Apartments: Moving Distribution Online

I was honoured to take part in a Distribution Debate on ‘Beyond the OTAs’ at the recent Serviced Apartments Summit Europe, held in London 1-2 July.

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