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Duetto and Oaky Boosts Room Upgrade Revenue for Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

Last year Duetto and Oaky joined forces to create a pioneering integration offering dynamic and highly targeted room upgrade pricing to guests. How does it work? By automatically adjusting upgrade rates in Oaky by leveraging your dynamic rate strategy in Duetto. 

Duetto x Oaky Success Stories

Many hotels have experienced significant rises in guest spend per upgraded night thanks to this strategic partnership, with the average increase standing at 45%. 

One such property is Nobu Hotel Los Cabos, Nobu’s first hotel in Mexico. Before implementing the Duetto/Oaky integration, the average upgrade supplement per night at Nobu Hotel Los Cabos was $214.60. Having put the integration in place, the hotel saw the average supplement increase to $263.30. That’s an impressive rise of 22.7%. 

“I’m impressed with the results we’ve had with the Oaky and Duetto integration so far,” said Lourdes Ancona, Revenue Management Corporate Director, RCD Hotel. “The team feels more confident accepting an upgrade because they know it’s at the right price.”

And it doesn’t stop with upgrade supplement increases. Nobu has also seen a significant drop in rejection rates. Before the Duetto/Oaky integration, the average rejection rate was 45.4%. Now, it stands at 10%. That’s a decrease of 78%. 

Revolutionizing Revenue Strategy With Duetto

RCD Hotels contracted with Duetto in early 2019, implementing the cloud-based revenue strategy platform across its entire portfolio of all-inclusive resorts.

Commenting further on their revenue strategy and the other differences they’ve seen since running on Duetto, Ancona said: “One of my first tasks as Corporate Director of Revenue Management was to find a very good revenue system that would suit our hotels, both on all-inclusive and European plans. We visited, met, and analyzed different RMS and in the end, we went for Duetto.

“We researched hotels that were already using Duetto. And for me, one of the most important parts, in addition to everything else, is that it has an accurate forecast. That is something we didn't find in the system we had or in other systems we were investigating.

“In addition to all the advantages, such as Open Pricing, and connectivity with other channel managers, the fact that we can change the rates for a single day is amazing.”

And the results speak for themselves. Ancona added: “Today, we are one of the fastest growing, best performing, and most innovative companies in the industry in Mexico and, I would venture to say, in the world. And we manage to have the best fares, the best occupancies, and, consequently, the best RevPAR of our destinations.”

To discover more about how other hotels have revolutionized their revenue strategy with Duetto, check out our success stories. Please get in touch to request a demo or learn more about how your hotel can optimize rates with us. 

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Claire Middleton, Contributing Editor

Claire is a Contributing Editor with Duetto. An experienced editor and copywriter, with more than a decade of experience working for various publishing houses, private companies and agencies, she is now a full-time freelance writer, providing regular editorials on the hotel industry for Duetto.

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