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Forward-looking Data Gives Park Royal a Revenue Boost

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts achieved a revenue increase of 8% in ADR and 2% in occupancy (full year 2022 versus first half 2023) after adopting Duetto's GameChanger and ScoreBoard.


Introducing Park Royal

With more than 30 years of operations, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts is regarded as a leader in vacation experiences across the Americas. The company operates hotels throughout Mexico, the US, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.

Park Royal Hotels & Resorts has four distinct brands:

  • Grand Park Royal Luxury Resorts
  • Park Royal Beach Resorts
  • Park Royal City
  • Park Royal Homestay

Connected Tech Stack Brings Efficiencies

Before partnering with Duetto in 2022, Park Royal was using different Excel files to create reports and for data analysis. As part of the Duetto onboarding, the team also made internal changes to drive efficiencies through new processes, adopting use of GameChanger and ScoreBoard.

Now, Duetto is seen as an important complement to the Revenue Management team, helping them to control and analyze prices, and make more accurate rate changes for 11 hotels and 2,000 rooms.

Reflecting on the partnership, Rafael Sandoval, Commercial Director of Park Royal Hotels & Resorts said, “Having a tool where we can analyze all the information and with the same tool be able to make decisions to change prices dynamically is one of the biggest strengths.”

“Duetto allows us to implement strategies for specific dates and periods where we really need it.”

Insight Into Future Demand Boosts ADR

  • +8% ADR*
  • +2% Occupancy*

Park Royal saw strong overall growth and an immediate uplift in advance bookings. Adopting Duetto’s Open Pricing methodology has enabled the revenue team to grow rates in line with demand. Using segmentation has helped the team price more accurately.

Rafael added:

“We can already see the hotel’s future performance. Duetto allows us to implement strategies for specific dates and periods where we really need it. We are dynamic during high seasons and work better within each sales channel.”

*Full year 2022 versus first half of 2023.

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