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Boyne Drives Total Revenue Management

Boyne Resorts partnered with Duetto to optimize hotel demand forecasting and find more opportunities to grow revenue.


Introducing Boyne Resorts

Boyne Resorts owns and operates a collection of mountain and lakeside resorts, ski areas, and attractions across British Columbia and Maine. Most of its eleven resorts are focused on skiing and while they do operate through summer, the winter season is their peak period. The company has a senior central revenue team and on property revenue managers.

Leveraging Duetto

Using ScoreBoard

Boyne has been using ScoreBoard to enhance the process of centralization, as well as simplify reports to help things run more smoothly.

Optimizing Groups

Using BlockBuster, Boyne has run more than 3,000 group evaluations to better optimize groups business, including using BlockBuster to evaluate a buyout event for Big Sky Resort.

Using Automation

Duetto is helping Boyne work towards their goal of eventually getting all of their resorts running on autopilot. Running an Integrated Strategy Boyne takes a Total Revenue approach, balancing revenues from lift tickets and ski facilities with rooms ADR to present attractive packages.

Michael Anselmi, Vice President of Revenue Strategy & Business Development at Boyne Resorts, commented:

“We’ve invested capital in lodging, with four renovations. However, these investments don’t give a return on investment overnight. And an empty room or an unserviced room is lost revenue. Duetto helped us develop a revenue culture to optimize all revenue opportunities.”

The Results

  • Centralization, as well as the simplification of reports, has enabled Boyne to define its segments better.
  • Boyne is now more able to look for opportunities to grow those segments.
  • Strategy and forecasting have improved.

Reflecting on their success, Michael added, “Duetto is an external coach and partner when it comes to revenue. That was the most important thing to me. Sure, the technology is great, but there’s still a hands-on art of revenue management and we need that hands-on help.”

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