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What You Loved this Year: Duetto’s Most Read Blogs from 2019

December 24, 2019 | Jason Q. Freed, Dir. of Marketing Communications

For Duetto, 2019 was a year of focus. In addition to looking forward and identifying revenue trends the industry will need to prepare for, Team Duetto looked inward at how we can help hoteliers tackle their immediate challenges today. We took a hard look at ways to allow revenue teams to work smarter and more efficiently through tools like improved automation and more visibility into analytics, and developed content to help hoteliers understand the importance of an innovative revenue strategy.

Here is a roundup of the blogs from 2019 that Duetto readers found the most interesting.

1. 2019: The Year Hotels Get a Grip on Acquisition Costs
This piece explores the fact that hoteliers in 2019 now have more insights into the true cost of distribution channels and the ability to make educated decisions on guest acquisition.

2. Analytics and Automation Are Simplifying Revenue Strategy
This Special Report discusses revolutionary innovations in technology - such as automation, machine learning and advanced analytics models – that are enabling hotel revenue teams to simplify their processes and focus on building strategies to drive revenue.

3. As the Industry Evolves, a New Kind of DORM is Emerging
In this Q&A with Mike Medsker of Focal Revenue Solutions, Mike dishes on new strategies revenue teams are using to drive demand and how technology is assisting.

4. Raising The Curtain On Revenue Strategy
Here, Caroline Lebourg from The Curtain hotel and members club in London talks with Duetto about creating a revenue strategy that is as unique as the hotel offering.

5. Hong Kong Hotel Market Challenged With Rising Labor, Distribution Costs
In this Q&A, Rebecca Kwan, chairperson of the Hong Kong Hotels Association, shares data points and her own insights about how area hotels are facing market challenges.

6. A Star Is Born: Hard Rock Hotel London
From the Revenue Strategy Forum London 2019, Ian Fletcher, GM of the Hard Rock Hotel London, talks about what makes Hard Rock so unique and the revenue opportunities that come with such a prominent brand.

7. Strength In Numbers: Unlocking Data for Actionable Insights
Finally, this Special Report details how hospitality professionals are using analytics to make critical strategic decisions and maximize performance.

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