Building a Successful Revenue Strategy For 2020

Building a strategy for 2020 is a means to being successful, to achieve your objectives. The starting point is knowing your objective, which is usually achieving your budget forecast but can also be, for example, beating your comp set by x%....

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What You Loved this Year: Duetto’s Most Read Blogs from 2019

For Duetto, 2019 was a year of focus. In addition to looking forward and identifying revenue trends the industry will need to prepare for, Team Duetto looked inward at how we can help hoteliers tackle their immediate challenges today. We took a...

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What You Loved this Year: Duetto’s Most Watched Videos from 2019

In 2019, Duetto looked inward and talked with more customers than ever before about how we can help them tackle immediate challenges. We took a hard look at ways to allow revenue teams to work more efficiently through tools like improved...

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Revenue Management Glossary: From ADR to yield, and everything in between

Whether you're new to the discipline or a seasoned vet, you're inevitably going to run into an acronym or a measurement that you don't completely understand. How does RevPAR become Net RevPAR and then TRevPAR and finally GOPPAR? It can be quite...

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