What You Loved this Year: Duetto’s Most Watched Videos from 2019

In 2019, Duetto looked inward and talked with more customers than ever before about how we can help them tackle immediate challenges. We took a hard look at ways to allow revenue teams to work more efficiently through tools like improved...

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Paris Revenue Lab: Hoteliers React To Distribution Challenges

by Benedicte Ollagnon | December 17, 2019

Our recent Paris Revenue Lab event provided a platform for hoteliers in the French capital to come together to discuss the many challenges they face in terms of distribution, technology adoption and overall change management. Experts from the...

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Revenue Management Glossary: From ADR to yield, and everything in between

Whether you're new to the discipline or a seasoned vet, you're inevitably going to run into an acronym or a measurement that you don't completely understand. How does RevPAR become Net RevPAR and then TRevPAR and finally GOPPAR? It can be quite...

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Sharing Revenue Strategy Best Practices

No two revenue strategies are the same. Each hotel and each market is different. Factor in the various room types in a single property and the fact that no two days will perform the same and you can see how hard it can be to pinpoint what works...

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