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How Casino Resorts Use Technology To Drive Revenue and Loyalty

Industry leaders such as Affinity Gaming, Mohegan Sun, Penn National Gaming, and Chumash Casino Resort use Duetto as a preferred partner for revenue management solutions to help their casinos enhance revenue, efficiency, conversion, and guest loyalty. 

In the dynamic world of casino revenue management, staying ahead of the game is essential for success. Duetto is the perfect player for casino resorts looking to gain an edge on the competition. 

How Duetto’s solutions help casino properties to manage and boost their revenue:

  • Detailed segmentation
  • Intelligent pricing
  • Streamlining operations through automation and cloud technology 

With Duetto’s dynamic pricing and Dynamic Rate Engine (DRE), casino resorts can yield based on spend and demand to make sure they always get the highest in value customers. 

Let’s see how some of our casino users leverage our technology to boost their revenue.

Chumash Casino Resort

Chumash Casino Resort is situated in wine country, just outside Santa Barbara. Despite doubling its hotel room inventory in a 2016 expansion, the tribal casino consistently sold out, often comping most of its rooms. While attracting local patrons was never an issue, the resort wanted to tap into the market of overnight guests from Los Angeles and Southern California. These guests typically promised a higher theoretical win, making them a prime target for the casino's long-term growth strategy. The resort's ownership, the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, needed to strike a balance between boosting profitability and nurturing guest loyalty through enticing offers and promotions.

In 2016, the casino resort partnered with Duetto to adopt GameChanger and collaborate with Duetto Strategic Consulting. Through this new partnership the property was able to yield room rates independently and make its direct-marketing offers more compelling to customers. 

Chumash also enacted a campus optimization strategy that added more than 200 rooms from its off-site hotels to the inventory available for comp and reinvestment decisions. 

By adapting its strategy, the property achieved an increase in cash average daily rate of +106%, total gaming value from overnight guests grew by +97%, and total non-gaming revenue stood at 87%.

“The way that we look at success and profitability and revenue is for the long-term. It’s a customer-centric strategy that focuses on loyalty and repeat visitation, not on just getting a couple bucks from our guest,” shared Alex Goodnature, Director of Strategic Planning, Chumash Casino Resort.

Revenue surged both in terms of cash and a theoretical-win basis. By leveraging data-driven insights to reward players strategically, Chumash managed to fill their rooms with guests who held the highest theoretical-win value. 

Read more in the case study here.

Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort

Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Uncasville, Conn., once enjoyed a dominant position in the Northeast gaming market. However, with the emergence of several new casinos in the area, the casino resort needed to adapt to a changing landscape by implementing a data-driven approach to marketing and revenue management. 

Mohegan Sun adopted Duetto in 2019. Since then, the casino resort has seen an increase in Average Daily Rates (ADRs) and quicker access to critical business data, reflecting a new era of management focused on efficiency and essential metrics.

“It's really about accurate forecasting. There’s always going to be situations where things don’t fit the normal curve. But if you can forecast for that, it doesn’t become an issue. You always want your most profitable, your most loyal, your best guest to have an option. We want to get to our best occupancy, our best revenue. But, let’s make sure that operationally we have the staffing and other requirements we need to get rooms flipped or accommodate somebody. We don’t ever want to turn down certain guests, but we also don't want to go down with rooms, just because we think something might happen,” shared Jesse Sturges, Director of Strategic Marketing, Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort on their use of Duetto’s ScoreBoard.

“Prior to Duetto, we had different room-type pricings, but it was very manual. Now it’s automatic, and we’re seeing higher ADR. I was making changes more often, but now we can let the system do it. We were relying on somebody to manually catch days that are compressed or days where there's concern on selling out, or selling out too quickly; we had to manually catch it. Now we have all that time back through working with the system. That’s what’s allowing us now to focus instead on our conversions, marketing strategy and how we’re talking to guests,” he concluded. 

Discover more in our Q&A with Jesse Sturges, Director of Strategic Marketing, Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort, here.

Duetto builds powerful alliances with casino hotels, providing them with access to award-winning technology through a preferred vendor agreement. This helps these properties to optimize revenue, boost profitability, and drive efficiencies, ensuring they remain competitive against their competitors. 

Learn more about how Duetto collaborates with leading casino companies here:

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