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Lub d Sees Rate Treble in High Season

Lub d saw consistent ADR growth during Q1, 2023 with an increase of 24% in January, 35% in February, and 26% in March.


Introducing Lub d

Owner/operator Narai Hospitality Group started onboarding its Lub d collection of lifestyle properties onto the Duetto platform in 2021. Lub d currently has six properties in Thailand, Cambodia, and the Philippines rate optimizing on Duetto, with two new properties coming online in 2024.

What makes Lub d unique from a revenue management perspective is that most of the inventory is beds in dorms, which are sold on a per-bed, per-night basis. The beds prove very popular with travelers from the UK and Europe. Lub d also offers private rooms, which sleep two, similar to a standard hotel room.

Tech Stack

  • PMS: Mews
  • CRM: Revinate
  • Channel Manager: SiteMinder
  • Booking Engine: Travelanium

Easy Onboarding

Before Duetto, the Lub d revenue team was managing revenue manually. They would look at pick up by day and try to estimate demand. However, they knew they were missing opportunities.

Part of the RMS selection checklist for Lub d was functionality, cost, ease of implementation, customer support, and how well the RMS worked with the PMS. Lub d works with MEWS as its PMS, which connects to Duetto via our Open API.

Now, the team is using GameChanger and ScoreBoard to implement Open Pricing, working closely with Duetto’s Customer Success Team. The team meets with Tasneem Mukadam, Duetto’s Director of Customer Success, APAC, monthly to check in on performance and continue to find new and improved ways to optimize revenue.

Talking about our support, Sukanda Sumondis (Bomb), Group Director of Revenue for Narai Hospitality Group, commented, “We can rest knowing that the Duetto Team will support us. It’s one of our plus points for working with Duetto.”

“We have a high demand for dorm beds, which is where price optimization works.”

Pricing Rules Boost Average Daily Rates

Lub d implemented pricing rules by room type and segment. The room-type strategy includes bed/room only and bed/room with breakfast. Rates are flexed up and down depending on demand.

The team segments by booking channels – with different strategies for online and offline. Every segment has a different rate structure. Using Open Pricing the team can keep all segments open and flex rates up and down to control demand.

For Lub d Samui, the standard price for a bed is B700 (Thai Baht) during the high season. This year, the property saw rates triple to B2,000.

Sukanda added, “Duetto looks at our room types separately. We may not be busy in the private rooms, but we have a high demand for dorm beds, which is where price optimization works.”

The Results

Lub d saw consistent ADR growth during Q1, 2023, compared to the same timeframe in 2022:

  • Jan 2023: +24%.
  • Feb 2023: +35%.
  • Mar 2023: +26%.
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