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Length of Stay Strategy Pushes Yotel Ahead

YOTEL achieves an increase of 21% in room nights, an increase of 36% in RevPAR, and an increase of 12% in ADR by focusing on length of stay.


Introducing YOTEL

YOTEL offers a collection of convenient lifestyle hotels located in prime locations worldwide. The company operates three brands:

  • YOTELAIR – Located in airport hubs worldwide, YOTELAIR is ideal for those with a long layover.
  • YOTEL – Efficient, tech-led, desirable hotels in prime locations.
  • YOTELPAD – Convenient accommodation options for commuters, relocators, and space maximizers.

Putting Price At The Core

YOTEL started using Duetto in 2019 to streamline its revenue processes and maximize profitability across its portfolio, adopting GameChanger and ScoreBoard. In 2023, the team adapted its strategy to focus on length of stay, in line with a new corporate branding strategy targeting the ‘non-stop’ traveler who wants to get the most from the destination, not from the hotel room.

“Pricing is the core of everything we do. We price slightly different to the market,” says Nader Nawar, VP Business Performance at YOTEL. "Length of stay has become our signature. We are at least double the market on length of stay – everywhere.”

LOS Reaps Huge Gains

A change in brand direction now sees YOTEL marketed as a convenient hotel in your destination. The offering is a small bedroom not designed for guests to spend 12 hours in. Everything is designed for guests to get out and discover the city.

The company’s pricing strategy has been adapted to this, with strong results.

“We are at least double the market on length of stay – everywhere.”

The Results

  • +12% ADR*
  • +36% RevPAR*
  • +21% Room Nights*
  • Length of stay in London 4.5 nights
  • Length of stay in Singapore 5+ nights
  • 20% of business from is 7+ nights

Nader commented, “There is a strong correlation between our brand and our commercial strategy. Everything we do leads to the website and how we increase conversions.”

*Jan-Aug 2023 vs Jan-Aug 2022

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