Webinar: Optimizing Your Tech Stack For Total Profitability

May 24, 2022 | Claire Middleton, Contributing Editor

On May 17, Duetto took part in an insightful webinar that explored how hoteliers can use tech to maximize upselling opportunities. Erik Tengen, Co-Founder of upselling tool Oaky; Guido Salvatori, Senior Director of Integrations at Duetto; and Deniel Frey, VP of Revenue Management at H-Hotels.com, came together to discuss how the recent partnership between Oaky and Duetto can help hotels boost guest spend by more than 40%. 

Introducing Duetto And Oaky’s Partnership

The webinar, entitled: ‘Optimizing Your Tech Stack For Total Profitability’, followed last month’s announcement that Duetto and Oaky - the hospitality market’s best in class Revenue Strategy and Upselling platforms (Hotel Tech Report, 2022) - entered a strategic partnership to deliver analytically-powered, highly targeted upgrade offers to guests. The integrated solution connects Duetto Open Pricing, room type pricing, and brand strategies with Oaky’s highly personalized upselling platform to yield up to 45% higher guest spend per upgraded night, while also creating an overall better guest experience in the process.

Speaking about the partnership during the webinar, Tengen said: “Upselling should deliver the right deal to the right guest at the right time. And what we are able to do now, with our integration with Duetto, is also to do it at the right price, in fact, not even the right price, the perfect price. It's an incredibly exciting innovation, a step forward for us as a business, and for upselling as a category.”

What Was Covered

The webinar was well attended by nearly 200 registrants and covered points such as: 

  • Why an RMS is crucial for maximizing revenue
  • How upsell tech can bring your revenue strategy to the next level
  • Best practices on combining the two to bring unparalleled results 
  • How H-Hotel has used Duetto and Oaky’s combined tech to see amazing results

Turning Problems Into Solutions

After introductions from the three panelists, the discussion turned to how a pain point being experienced by H-Hotels - Germany’s largest family-owned hotel group - helped lead to the partnership between Oaky and Duetto. 

Frey explained how, coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, H-Hotels was simply ‘fighting for survival’. He said: “We’re a family business with no investors to back us and so we were fighting to keep our hotels in the market. We were counting every single cent, across every single channel.”

Two of these channels were Oaky and Duetto, both of which Frey had been working with successfully for several years. However, he’d noticed snags arising due to the lack of integration between the two products, especially around the number of upgrade request rejections they were seeing. After speaking to Tengen and Salvatori, it became clear that they needed to align the upsell and room pricing strategy to streamline the whole process and increase revenue.

‘The Results Didn’t Disappoint’

Two H-Hotels’ properties - the Hyperion Hamburg and the Hyperion Dresden - were used as pilot hotels for the new integration. These hotels were chosen because of their large number of room types. And the results didn’t disappoint, with Hamburg’s room upgrade supplements increasing by 45% and Dresden’s by 42%. 

“When we started the pilot I was very impressed by the very first results, especially when it came to the rejection rate,” said Frey. “Now there's hardly any reason to reject requests because the front office team can plan accordingly. They can just approve the request automatically by empowering this feature, and so the rejection rate has dropped and the revenue has increased.”

He added: “It was an eye-opener and we are happy with the results.” 

“When you co-innovate, great things happen!” said Salvatori. 

After several questions from the audience, the event concluded with mutual thanks between Tengen, Salvatori, and Frey. Salvatori said: “Thank you to Oaky for this partnership, it is one of the best. It was about the hotel’s (H-Hotels) pain point and how we could solve it together. As an industry, we need more of that. It shows what we can unlock and I’m excited to see what the future holds. And thank you to H-Hotels for bringing your pain point to us and allowing us to work on solving it.”

How The Integration Works

The guest receives an Oaky pre-arrival email which directs them to a landing page to see upgrade offers. The landing page delivers tailored offers to the guest, populated with dynamic rates calculated by Duetto based on check-in / check-out dates. Room upgrade supplements are calculated for all available room types based on the property’s proven Duetto rate strategy and data.

Missed the webinar? Don’t worry, the event can still be watched on-demand. Simply register here: https://go.duettocloud.com/optimize-tech-stack-profitability 

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