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Introducing the first hotel Revenue Intelligence app, ScoreBoard

It’s a monumental day for Duetto. We’re thrilled to release ScoreBoard, the world’s first application built for hotel Revenue Intelligence.

The entire Duetto team has worked most of this year to develop and perfect ScoreBoard, but for me personally, the path to launching ScoreBoard goes back even further to my start in revenue management. The idea for this new product came from the challenge I faced every day — and which hotel owners, asset managers and revenue managers still deal with — of not having a tool better than a spreadsheet to help me shape my Revenue Strategy.

It should have taken me hours at most to produce the reports and forecasts that my bosses demanded. Instead, it took days and sometimes a week or more.

Had there been a solution like ScoreBoard when I was trying to manage my properties, it would have saved me so much time and stress. And it would have saved — and made — my properties a lot more money.

Just like GameChanger, the Revenue Strategy solution that launched this company, ScoreBoard is designed for hotel professionals by people who know exactly what they struggle with. My team and I have experienced the frustration of having to email spreadsheets from property to property to build and manage a simple forecast, which just invited more chances to make a mistake and usually meant the numbers were obsolete by the time management finally saw them.

The era of running your revenue management off of a spreadsheet is over. The era of hotel Revenue Intelligence is here.

See for yourself by checking out ScoreBoard.


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