How Did Your RMS Come Up With That Rate?

by Duetto Product Team | September 19, 2019

Revenue management is both an art and a science, and therefore requires both deep analytical calculations of multiple sets of data, as well as human eyes to ensure the pricing strategy is in line with the hotel’s overall goals.

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DuettoX Review: The Power of Automation

Hoteliers and Duettos came together to discuss the power of automation at this year’s DuettoX user conference. The session looked at how automation works and how it is helping hotel operators work smarter and have more bandwidth for strategy and...

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Further Visibility for All-Inclusive Revenue Management

by Duetto Product Team | January 24, 2019

Gone are the days in which staying at an all-inclusive resort meant cheap vacations and boring food and beverage offerings. Nowadays, all-inclusives are built to target different market segments, from adults-only to families and guests of all...

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Unlock More Profit With Every Group

by Duetto Product Team | January 10, 2019

There is more data available today than ever before to help revenue and sales managers make smart decisions when quoting group business. While we’re seeing more collaboration between the two departments, unfortunately complications around...

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