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Duetto is a Game Changer for the Extended Stay Industry

Several well-established names in the extended stay and serviced apartments industry, such as edyn and THE FLAG, use Duetto's innovative RMS to drive occupancy and maximize revenue and profit. These brands leverage our cloud-based forecasting, reporting, and group pricing applications to enhance efficiency, revenue, conversion, and guest loyalty.

Duetto offers a dynamic pricing solution that provides advanced pricing analytics and segmentation tools, empowering property owners to optimize their booking revenues effectively. 

Our forecasting solution allows for flexible automation and provides rate recommendations for up to five years ahead. 

Duetto customers also enjoy our group booking solution, through which they can find the ideal balance between group and transient business, ensuring the right rate and timing for maximum efficiency.

Let’s hear from the customers themselves… 


Duetto is proud to have been a successful partner of edyn during one of the toughest periods for the hospitality industry - the outbreak of the pandemic. 

During August and September 2020, certain edyn properties not only maintained a high occupancy rate, but also experienced remarkable success, reaching occupancy rates as high as 95% and achieving favorable retail rates. This was achieved through the implementation of length of stay pricing rules, specifically targeting mid and long-term stays. This strategic approach allowed them to offer competitive pricing, with lower rates designed for guests staying for extended periods. 

Emmanuel Lacour, Group Director of Revenue, commented: “It is so easy to change any price in Duetto; if we miss something or if we don’t increase enough, we know Duetto will automatically adjust and push up the price ahead of this.” 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, edyn remained undeterred in its expansion efforts, launching five new properties in 2020, including locations in Dublin, Cambridge, and Munich, and continued expanding in the post-pandemic world. 

“We spent time analyzing the dynamic situation. It is hard for any RMS to forecast this [a pandemic] but as the forecast is based on the last few weeks that was very helpful. I’m not looking at forecast accuracy, but the pricing is right based on pick up and regrets and that is good enough for me,” Lacour added.

The company continues to enjoy revenue success with Duetto.


THE FLAG adopted Duetto in 2019 and has been seeing great success ever since. The brand operates a collection of serviced apartments, student accommodation and senior living in multiple European locations, and Duetto has become an inseparable part of their revenue management system. 

THE FLAG often uses Duetto’s autopilot to set up and publish the right rates to increase occupancy and optimize revenue. 

Florian Kuch, Head of Revenue Management at THE FLAG, defines their properties as “Duetto ambassadors”. He himself is a daily user of Duetto and particularly enjoys the autopilot option.

“Going to autopilot felt empowering. I had an eye on what it was doing; but it was doing it on its own. And it turned out really well,” Kuch shared.

He added: “Weekends were always a challenge, because I wouldn’t be doing anything. But Duetto is now managing it 24/7. Before I did revenue for 90 days out; now it’s 365 days ahead. It is amazing!”

Kuch reported a year-on-year ADR increase of 5%, and shared one of his favorite Duetto moments with us:

“We had one week in Zurich where we saw there was a huge demand and Duetto kept going higher and higher on the rate. Duetto suggested €979 on one specific day – I thought let’s try and increase a little further and go to €1100 – we still had pick up! Then we got a cancellation of 10 rooms, and Duetto was saying we can still go to €1309 for this particular Tuesday night. Before Duetto our average rate for a Tuesday was €149!

“Before Duetto, if I had seen this specific Tuesday I would have gone to €400 maximum. Duetto was giving me the power and confidence to go higher. I was thinking ‘If Duetto thinks this can be done then let’s try it’. I would have never sold any rooms for over CHF1000 before Duetto.”

Duetto builds powerful alliances with properties within the extended stay and serviced apartments industry, providing customers with access to advanced pricing analytics, forecasting and group solution tools. These help our customers to optimize revenue, boost profitability, and drive efficiencies, ensuring they remain competitive against big brand operators and during tough times.

Learn more about how Duetto collaborates with extended stay companies here:

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