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Room-Type Strategy Drives Revenue for Hotel Peter and Paul

Implementing room-type pricing strategies through Duetto has driven a 39.5% uplift in ADR and a 40% growth in revenue for Hotel Peter and Paul.


Introducing Hotel Peter and Paul

Hotel Peter and Paul in New Orleans is a landmark property from ASH Hotels. It is a historic church, schoolhouse, rectory, and convent, reborn into a luxury 71-room boutique hotel located in the heart of New Orleans’ modish Faubourg Marigny district.

When it comes to room types, Hotel Peter and Paul likes to keep things interesting, with no two rooms alike. Featuring petite, bunk and loft room types, and suites named ‘Convent Classic’, ‘Mother Superior’ and ‘The Rector’s Repose’, pricing by room type is now a central component to the hotel’s revenue strategy.

Room-type Pricing Drives Success

Room-type pricing strategies have driven the most success. Hotels across the ASH portfolio saw immediate increases in room rates once Duetto was employed, with a big ADR lift. Hotel Peter and Paul saw a 39.5% uplift in ADR from 2019 to 2022.

They saw occupancy return to pre-pandemic levels in 2022, recovering from a 20% drop in occupancy in 2021. However, high occupancy is not the aim, for ASH Hotels’ revenue leadership, the focus is on exceeding a fair share of rate in the market.

“We have really made a lot of strides since the dark ages (pre-Duetto).”

Hotel Peter and Paul also saw a 40% increase in room revenue when comparing room revenue achieved in the full year 2019 to room revenue achieved in 2022.

Nathalie Jordi, Managing Partner at Hotel Peter and Paul, commented: “Wow, we have really made a lot of strides since the dark ages (pre-Duetto) when we were just using a free booking engine. I’m really excited by how far we’ve come.”

Driving Direct Business

Hotel Peter and Paul has followed the central strategy of ASH Hotels in making driving direct business a priority. In 2019, the property pulled 45% of direct bookings. By 2022, that had increased to 84%.

ASH Hotels believes that a direct approach is a more profitable approach as it eliminates OTA commissions and, as an independent owner/ operator there are also no franchise fees, which are common with big brands. Speed to market is also important. Revenue leadership can create promotions in reaction to market opportunities and go live with them instantly.

Nick Knight, National Director of Revenue and Distribution at ASH Hotels, added:

“The automation I really like in Duetto is the pricing strategy and the room type strategies. It’s hard to maximize on high occupancy points down to the minutia of room type each day, it’s a lot of manual work. Getting that automated is extremely helpful.”

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