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Tech Investment Boosts Revenue for Helios Hotels

Duetto's hotel automation technology enabled Helios Hotels to sell out many properties despite pandemic challenges.


Introducing Helios Hotels

Spanish resorts operator, Helios Hotels, operates a small chain of four resorts across the country. It currently has properties in Benidorm, Majorca, Granada, and the Costa Brava.

Leveraging Duetto

Using Short-Term Forecast

Duetto’s short-term forecast enabled Helios to put more weight on short-term pick up and pace rather than relying on same time last year comparisons.

Using Open Pricing

GameChanger allowed Helios to create pricing rules which widen the gap between their channels and OTA channels with high demand and lower the gap between them with low demand.

Using AutoPilot

The Autopilot for Rates gave Helios the ability to fully automate their strategy.

“The pricing rules in GameChanger are invaluable.”

Kris Vanaerschot, Chief Commercial Officer at Helios Hotels, commented:

“We have been running on Duetto for two years now and from the beginning, the Open Pricing concept immediately made sense. We saw that we can create pricing rules which, with high demand, widens the gap between our channels and OTA channels, and with low demand, it lowers the gap between them. The pricing rules in GameChanger are invaluable.”

Results with Respect to the Pandemic

Duetto’s seamless integrations gave Helios Hotels the valuable ability to fully automate. Working with Duetto helped Helios to continue their dedication to adopting technology to digitize and optimize processes, despite 2020 being a difficult year.

Helios was able to sell out (adjusted capacity for 70% maximum occupancy) during the weekends and during the central August weeks in summer 2020, in all four of their hotels. The group remained ahead of its comp set and benchmarked 20% ahead of the market on occupancy.

Kris added, “For us, Duetto is the third brain between myself as Commercial Lead and the Marketing Manager. Duetto is where we find each other.”

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