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The Best Hotel Revenue Management Systems (RMS) for 2020

Catala Consulting – March 26, 2020


Dream Team: 25 People to Watch for 2020

Global Gaming Business – December 20, 2019


Duetto Makes Leadership Changes to Aid Company Growth

Hotel Business – October 3, 2019


Attribute Based shopping - A blessing or a bane

Hospitality Net – August 28, 2019


The Value of Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Hospitality Net – August 26, 2019


SHR integrates with Duetto’s rate engin

Hotel Management – August 19, 2019

Hotel Tech News

How Technology Empowers Hoteliers’ Revenue Strategy

Hotel Technology News – July 10, 2019


Simplicity, Functionality on Display at HITEC

Hotel Business – June 26, 2019


Bridging the Gap between Marketing and Revenue Teams

Hotel Executive – June 23, 2019

Advanced Hospitality Technologies

Top 14 Professional Hospitality Influencers To Follow in 2019

Advanced Hospitality Technologies – May 10, 2019


Why Can’t Hotels Drive Rates?

Revenue Hub – March 22, 2019


In the Big Chair - Patrick Bosworth of Duetto

Phocuswire – March 6, 2019


Is the hotel industry ready for blockchain?

Boutique Hotel News – November 14, 2018


Using Technology To Personalise The Guest Experience

Revenue Hub – November 9, 2018


Are You Asking 'Who Moved My Hotel Revenue?'

4 Hoteliers – September 28, 2018


How Revenue Management is Becoming Revenue Strategy

Hotel News Now – September 28, 2018


Hotels: A flexible future?

Buying Business Travel – September 14, 2018


Disruption, loyalty play major roles in distribution

Hotel News Now – July 16, 2018


HB ON THE SCENE: Finding the Right Revenue Leader

Hotel Business – July 11, 2018


Benvenuti: The True Missing Piece

Global Gamin Business – June 26, 2018

Global Gaming Business

Benvenuti: Legacy Casino Systems Impede Innovation

Global Gaming Business – February 23, 2018

Comment: How hotels can win in a down market – January 23, 2018

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Revenue Strategy

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman – January 17, 2018

Hotel Management

Benvenuti: Are OTAs Fooling Hoteliers a Second Time?

Hotel Management – January 10, 2018

Global Gaming Business

Powers Behind the Throne: GGB's 25 People to Watch for 2018

Global Gaming Business – January 1, 2018



When Personalisation Gets Technical

TTG – November 16, 2017

Hotel Intel

How Hotel ICON Raises the Bar with Open Pricing

Hotel Intel – November 11, 2017

Hotels Magazine

Next revenue manager: A geek who can speak

Hotels Magazine – October 10, 2017

Hotel Management Magazine

Hotel occupancy continues to reach new heights but rate not keeping pace

Hotel Management Magazine – September 6, 2017

Global Gaming Business

Benvenuti: To OTA or Not OTA

Global Gaming Business – August 28, 2017

Startups I Like

Renowned Startup Site Recognizes Duetto

Startups I Like – August 15, 2017

Casino Style

Be Our Guest: Revving Up Resort Revenue

Casino Style – June 22, 2017

Should Your Hotel Use Open Pricing?

Should Your Hotel Use Open Pricing?

Hotel News Middle East – June 20, 2017

Occupancy Not the Right Focus for Maximizing Revenue

Occupancy Not the Right Focus for Maximizing Revenue

Hotel Management Magazine – June 6, 2017

Lodging Magazine

Hotels Confront the Paradox of Personalization

Lodging Magazine – June 6, 2017

Global Gaming Business

Communication Drives a Culture Change in Casinos

Global Gaming Business – April 27, 2017

Hotels Magazine

The importance of an RMS in growing hotel ADR

Hotels Magazine – April 10, 2017

Personalization: The new holy grail

Personalization: The new holy grail

Hotels – March 8, 2017

Hotel News Middle East

Getting To Grips With Revenue Strategy

Hotel News Middle East – February 27, 2017

hotel management

How to manage your hotel confidently amid uncertain times

Hotel Management – February 22, 2017

Hospitality Technology

RLHC's Linehan Discusses How Duetto Brings Direct Bookings Back Home

Hospitality Technology – February 15, 2017


Why Hotels Should Reevaluate Their Tech Stack

Lodging – February 6, 2017


Global Gaming Business

10 TRENDS: Managing Revenue

Global Gaming Business – November 22, 2016

Experts Unveil Hotel Technology

Experts Unveil Hotel Technology Trends to look out for in 2017

UP Hotel Internet Marketing – November 23, 2016

Hotel Management

Summit Dives Deep into Revenue-Management Strategy

Hotel Management – August 10, 2016

Hotel Business

Revenue Strategy Summit Evaluates Acquisition Costs

Hotel Business – July 11, 2016


Who’s afraid of the bigger, badder sharing economy?

Hotels Magazine – June 20, 2016

Global Gaming Business

Duetto Talks Casino Marketing and Digital Delivery

Global Gaming Business – March 23, 2016

Web in Travel

Don't Just Manage Revenue, Create a Holistic Strategy

Web in Travel – January 27, 2016


HOTELS Magazine

Bosworth: Don't 'own' customer, empathize with them

HOTELS Magazine – December 10, 2015

Global Gaming Business

Top casino trends for 2016, including Big Data and Duetto

Global Gaming Business – November 23, 2015

Hotel News Now

Owners demand yield-maximizing RM in Europe

Hotel News Now – November 17, 2015

Zleep Hotels implements intelligent revenue system – November 13, 2015

Lodging Magazine

Patrick Bosworth: DIY not the answer for hotel technology

Lodging Magazine – September 29, 2015

Repubblica (Italian publication)

Las Vegas, l'app italiana da 60 milioni di dollari

Repubblica (Italian publication) – September 28, 2015

Computer Business Review

Operationalizing Predictive Analytics in the Hotel Industry

Computer Business Review – August 24, 2015

The Business Journals

Why the hotel industry is ripe for tech innovation

The Business Journals – Aug 11, 2015

Lodging Magazine

Affinity Gaming Selects Duetto's GameChanger Solution

Lodging Magazine – July 27, 2015

Could Duetto completely change the hotel industry? – April 28, 2015

Hotel Management

Patrick Bosworth talks revenue strategy at IHIF

Hotel Management – April 2, 2015

The Economic Times

Duetto set to appoint hotel software representative in India

The Economic Times – March 14, 2015

Hotel Management

Video: Patrick Bosworth talks revenue strategy at IHIF

Hotel Management – March 4, 2015

Global Gaming Business

Casinos Drill Into Big Data with Duetto's Help

Global Gaming Business – February 17, 2015

Las Vegas Business Press

Duetto Takes a Different Approach to Attracting Top Talent

Las Vegas Business Press – February 9, 2015

Startup Grind

Marco Benvenuti Delivers Tips on Office Productivity

Startup Grind – February 6, 2015

New York Times

Patrick Bosworth quoted in New York Times

New York Times – February 2, 2015

Asian Hospitality

Duetto, Vantage team up to serve 1,200 hotel owners

Asian Hospitality – January 14, 2015

The Price Point

The Price Point

Global Gaming Business Magazine – December 19, 2014

Huffington Post

Vegas Tech Startup Scene: What You Need to Know

Huffington Post – December 18, 2014

Yahoo! Finance

Duetto Announces Greg Stanger as Chief Financial Officer

Yahoo! Finance – December 15, 2014


6 Silicon Valley Companies Going Global

Forbes – December 8, 2014

Technology TTG Toolkit

Help hotels hit the revenue jackpot

Technology TTG Toolkit – December 3, 2014

Huffington Post

4 Startups You Need to Know to Increase Customers Spending

Huffington Post – November 25, 2014

Las Vegas Business Press

Las Vegas firm develops software for hotel bookings

Las Vegas Business Press – November 24, 2014

Financial Times

Stepping ahead of the demand curve

Financial Times – November 17, 2014

USA Today

Method to the madness: How hotels set room rates

USA Today – October 27, 2014

Hotel Business

Duetto Expands With New Singapore Headquarters

Hotel Business – October 24, 2014

Hotel Business

Duetto Launches European Headquarters in London

Hotel Business – October 15, 2014


Cutting Edge Revenue Strategies for Hotels

Tnooz – October 9, 2014

Fantini Research

Marco Benvenuti Interviewed by Fantini Research

Fantini Research – September 29, 2014

Global Gaming Business Magazine

A Strategy for Spend

Global Gaming Business Magazine – September 25, 2014

Duetto Partners with Konami

Duetto Partners with Konami

Global Gaming Business Magazine – September 25, 2014

Lodging Magazine

How Much Guest Data Do You Have a Right to Use?

Lodging Magazine – September 17, 2014

Yahoo Finance

Duetto Scales its Global Sales Solutions Team

Yahoo Finance – September 11, 2014

Spokane Journal

Red Lion Hotels rolls out new room pricing tool

Spokane Journal – August 8, 2014

Hotel News Now

Revenue managers should embrace ‘job creep’

Hotel News Now – June 27, 2014

Hotel Interactive

ROC Rolls into The Second Half of 2014

Hotel Interactive – June 27, 2014

Big Data

Big Data

Global Gaming Business Magazine – June 26, 2014

Hotel News Now

Revenue-management best practices have failed

Hotel News Now – May 23, 2014

Hospitality Upgrade

Duetto Names Rory Fagan as Director of Casino Sales

Hospitality Upgrade – April 29, 2014

Hotel News Now

New revenue strategy needed to stay profitable

Hotel News Now – April 1, 2014

Hotel Online

Woodside Hotels Get the Duetto Edge

Hotel Online – March 18, 2014

Hotel Yearbook 2014

Moving from revenue management to revenue strategy

Hotel Yearbook 2014 – February 28, 2014

Hotel News Now

Own your content, bookings, online reputation

Hotel News Now – February 20, 2014

Hotel News Now

How to turn data analysis into action

Hotel News Now – February 17, 2014

Hotel Online

The Charles Hotel Launches Duetto Edge

Hotel Online – February 10, 2014

Hotel Online

How to get ahead of tech disruption

Hotel Online – February 7, 2014

Hotel News Now

Innovators tackle technology pain points

Hotel News Now – February 6, 2014

Hotel News Now

How to use all the pricing data available

Hotel News Now – January 23, 2014

Business Travel News

Revenue Management Tool Hones Focus On Corporate Rates

Business Travel News – December 17, 2013

Hotel News Now

Revenue managers are tomorrow’s leaders

Hotel News Now – November 20, 2013

Hotel News Now

Revenue managers must think outside the box

Hotel News Now – November 18, 2013

Hotel News Now

Revenue Managers Still Face Roadblocks

Hotel News Now – September 11, 2013

Hotel News Now

3 Factors to Consider When Pricing Rooms

Hotel News Now – June 10, 2013


Duetto Launches New Product – Duetto Insight

Hospitality 1st – May 20, 2013


Lee Pillsbury Joins the Duetto Board

Hospitality 1st – April 11, 2013

Hotel News Now

Using ‘fenced’ deals to compete with OTAs

Hotel News Now – April 4, 2013

Lodging Conference video: future rate growth – October 12, 2012

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