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What I Love Most About Revenue Management…

March 18, 2021 | Sarah McCay Tams, Director of Content, EMEA

At a time when revenue teams may be feeling marginalized or undervalued, we talk with five Duettos, all experienced in the field of revenue management, about what they love most about this discipline in the hospitality sector.

Lloyd Biddle, Director of Enterprise Solutions:

Prior to joining Duetto, I was blessed to work with some of the most sophisticated Revenue Managers in the world. Whether working on-property or in a cluster or corporate role, what I love most about the revenue management role is collaboration. Done right, revenue management should collaborate with a diverse set of disciplines from across the hotel to accomplish common goals, like nailing a forecast or increasing RGI by a certain % point. Revenue management does not occur in a vacuum, it’s all about the team work.

Gary Glodowski, Director of Customer Success for the Americas:

At Duetto my job is to help our clients get the most out of our systems. Like most of the Customer Success team, my background is in hotels. My career has spanned front desk up to corporate revenue roles. Prior to joining Duetto I was a Duetto user with Sydell Group. Now I’m part of the family!

But when it comes to Revenue Management I’m a competitive nerd! I really tried hard to make sure we were getting the most out of every single day – selling rooms on Hotwire or Hotel Tonight. I enjoyed the human element – when I was successful there were rooms full in the hotel, which meant hours for the front desk, for housekeeping, for the valet, etc. It’s a joy every day to still be able to interact with those folks.

Nevin Reed, Vice President, Casino Services:

I’ve been with Duetto 7 years, in charge of casino services and managed services. We outsource our revenue management talent to hotels and casinos or provide short-term consulting to help them streamline how they use the product.

What I love about Revenue Management? Making money! And making the property you work for hugely successful. As a DORM or Revenue Manager you get access to every single department, you get to touch and feel their pain.

Our aim at Duetto is to take people out of silos and bring the entire hotel team together from housekeeping to operations. Seeing that happen is what I love the most: to bring hotel teams together to enable the hotel to be as successful as possible.

David Goodman, Director of Sales for UK & Ireland and Nordics:

I joined Duetto in early February 2020 – little did I know what lay ahead!

My career has spanned time working on property and time working in the hotel tech arena, and I am still wowed by how important Revenue Management is. It is the single most critical factor in any hotel or hotel company’s success. A good Revenue Manager can make or break how successful that organization is.

Ira Vouk, Director of Product Data and Analytics:

Profit is my favorite bit about revenue. When I started my hospitality career I had a chance to try many different roles and titles in the hotel ops side. When I started doing Revenue Management I started seeing the results of my work within weeks and I was amazed. The owners of the hotels started seeing the results of my work immediately as well. I decided to make this my career.

Then I got into tech and things got even more exciting, and more scalable. Revenue Management is at the core of hotel operations. It is what can make or break a business, because Revenue is really what directly affects the bottom line. That is why Revenue Management technology must sit at the core of the hotel tech stack.

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