Using Data Patterns To Build Strategy

May 10, 2022 | Gerk van der Poll, Director, Van der Valk Business

I do think that international travel and multi-day congresses will not come back until 2024; that recovery will take much longer. Therefore, we will continue to depend on domestic travel and our local business and leisure markets.

During the summer period of 2021 (June to August), we learned how to make ourselves strong as a leisure product. With fewer corporate segments, we were forced to look differently at how to approach the leisure market with our product offering and with our marketing.

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We made changes to the hardware, changed the guest room products, and added wellness areas. We saw that hotels, regardless of their physical location, new or old, or if it was surrounded by a lot of leisure activities or by nature or not, would attract the leisure customer as long as the physical product had elements of leisure in it.

Getting Creative with Leisure Packages

The other part, which I think is important when it comes to focusing on a new segment, is to be very conscious about your content and how you position your rates into the market because the leisure customer is very sensitive to the buying journey and to what they are purchasing. We’ve been creative with leisure packages.

We are also depending more on traffic from our own channels. Around 70% of bookings come through our website or our own channels, so therefore we can do a lot of data analysis on this as far as visits versus conversion. We see when there are peaks in customer behavior and booking behavior, and from that, we can tweak our online marketing. We feel strongly that using our own channel data is giving us good guidelines as to how to project demand, not so much by months but by days of the week, length of stay, and product. If you look at the patterns you can build your strategy on that.

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