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Introducing CommandCenter: Duetto’s New Actionable Business Intelligence Dashboard

Today, Duetto is excited to announce the launch of its new CommandCenter dashboard, an integral part of Duetto Advance. This new home screen gives hotel revenue teams unparalleled visibility into the revenue performance of their properties, enabling them to immediately identify and capitalize on the largest opportunities in their business, faster than ever before.

Here, we catch up with Chance Navarrete, Senior Product Manager, Duetto, to discuss Duetto’s latest product launch - CommandCenter - and learn how this will benefit Duetto users, from single property revenue managers to cluster DoRMs and revenue leaders.

Can you start by telling us a little bit about your role as a Senior Product Manager at Duetto?

Product management covers a wide range of responsibilities, but the way I like to think about it is that it is our responsibility to make sure we're solving the right problems, by building the right products, for the right audiences.

In the case of CommandCenter, that involves collecting the different questions that our customers are trying to answer with their data, and then figuring out what the shape of the product is, what the goals of the design will be, and what we need to build to be successful. From there, I led the design team through the process of creating prototypes so we could put them in front of users. Based on that feedback, we refined our designs and I then led the development team through building the actual product. I've been with the CommandCenter project from the very beginning, and it has been very exciting!

Where do you get your guidance and structure on what products to design for Duetto customers?

Our most important source of guidance is the hospitality industry itself. It’s vital that we understand the problems that hoteliers face. We learn that by talking directly to both our customers and to prospects who aren't yet Duetto customers, as well as by keeping an eye on broader conversations taking place within the industry. Then it's our responsibility to find the best approach to solving those problems.

So what is CommandCenter all about?

Duetto today provides a great set of tools for bringing in a variety of data and giving you the ability to zoom in on it. It's almost like being able to hold a magnifying glass to your data to figure out the details of what's going on in your properties.

CommandCenter takes it one step further by giving you the ability to connect the dots, figure out what’s going on across your company, and take action. As we've seen coming out of the pandemic, hoteliers are doing more with less; we see revenue managers who have significantly more properties than they had in the past.

They’re having to oversee more properties, and they’re responsible for understanding more data than ever. That's very exciting but it can be very overwhelming! CommandCenter makes it easier for hotel teams to make sense of the mountain of data they are receiving, and take well-informed actions.

What outcomes can Duetto users expect from accessing CommandCenter?

First and foremost, one outcome is having a better overall understanding of exactly what's going on in their business.

Data is wonderful, but if you can’t make sense of it and put it into the proper context to truly understand what's going on, then it is just numbers in a spreadsheet. CommandCenter provides revenue teams with a much clearer picture, so they can then move to action a lot more readily. They can troubleshoot, put out immediate fires, and then identify new opportunities to focus on.

The faster you can understand what's going on, the faster you can act on it and get ahead of the competition!

How does CommandCenter enhance the way Duetto works today?

By providing you with a new place to start. If you begin with a bigger picture, your data can give you a lot of guidance about where to dive into deeper levels of detail. For instance, if you are responsible for overseeing multiple properties, it can be hard to even know which one to look into first.

With CommandCenter you can quickly identify a property that is underperforming against the others, and know exactly where to invest your time. Then you can dive into that property within CommandCenter to get a better sense of what's going on.

Is CommandCenter easy to use?

Yes! From the beginning, we wanted to build it to be very intuitive and customizable.

The CommandCenter works through a shared context, which means that all the data you see in the dashboard shares a few key selections to make it easy to compare and contrast.

We’ve also kept the widgets as simple as possible so that it’s easy to understand the story your data is telling you.  We’ve also made them customizable to your needs —you can click and drag your widgets into the view that best suits you, and hide any widgets that aren’t relevant to your properties.

What is your favorite feature of the new Duetto CommandCenter?

I love how customizable it is! Everyone has a different perspective on revenue management, and different properties can have very different needs. CommandCenter makes it very easy to go in and build your own personal dashboard. There aren’t any configuration screens or complex ways of setting things up, CommandCenter just remembers where you left things, and pulls it all back up for you when you come back!

Why is the CommandCenter a priority for Duetto?

Duetto’s primary goal is to unlock revenue and profit potential by keeping our hospitality partners at the forefront of revenue management, and our customers need us to help them find a competitive edge. Hoteliers increasingly find that by using their data to quickly adapt to evolving market conditions, so CommandCenter is Duetto’s answer to that crucial need.

Finally, can you give us a sneak peek into what’s coming next for Duetto in terms of products?

Some of the most exciting innovations within Duetto are those that focus on enhanced data and analytics. With a tool like CommandCenter in the platform, the more data you can bring in, the more insights you can drive. Many of the industry-first integrations and new data sources that we're bringing in through Duetto Advance will really make CommandCenter shine. The combination of those two - the enhanced primary data sources within Advance and the ability to understand the story that data is telling within the CommandCenter - are what give you the actionable insights needed to drive strategic decisions forward. It’s the perfect combination of providing robust and trusted data, as well as the tools to what to do with it!

Discover more about how CommandCenter can help streamline your revenue management operations and make it easier to share and act on real-time data relevant to your business. Visit our CommandCenter page for more information.

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