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Introducing Ask Duetto: Your Revenue Questions Answered

June 16, 2020 | Shelly Gupta Correa, Director of Business Development

In the wake of COVID-19, we found that a lot of our customers, and the wider hotel community, had big questions about their Revenue Strategy. In response, we launched ‘Ask Duetto,’ a complimentary revenue insights service powered by Duetto’s team of experienced hoteliers.

At Duetto, we strive to offer solutions that address the biggest problems faced by the hospitality industry. We work to simplify distribution complexity and optimize profitability with unique and powerful applications that increase conversion, guest loyalty, operational efficiency and revenue. Our goal is to become the most trusted, effective and widely used hotel technology company in the world.

We do this with a team made up of experienced revenue managers and strategists who expertly handle the customer onboarding process through successful adoption and ongoing engagement.

In other words, our team can walk the walk and talk the talk.

Ask Duetto

Through their real-world experience, the team here at Duetto has the unique ability to answer your Revenue Strategy questions in a way that is both personalized and widely useful to anyone who might be wondering the same thing.

The Ask Duetto team can provide insightful guidance and recommendations to your revenue questions. Simply enter a question via, view the catalogue of Frequently Asked Questions on the Ask Duetto page or watch one of the video answers already provided by the Duetto team.

For example, wondering what segments are likely to bounce back first? Juan Ruano, Director of Hospitality Solutions, EMEA, shares his prediction here. Starting to think about reopening and wondering what you should consider from a revenue perspective?  Isabel Eisenach, Solutions Engineer, EMEA, tells you here. Wondering how far ahead you should be forecasting given the state of travel? Hannah Weller Barrise, Director of Hospitality Solutions, Americas, offers insights here.

When one person asks a question, it usually means many others are wondering the same thing. This is why we decided to launch this new service.

At a time when revenue leaders are being asked to do more with less, hoteliers can use the Ask Duetto feature to validate strategies and work on new ones as they look for creative solutions to the challenges ahead.

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