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How to get couples to say ‘I do’ at your wedding venue

How to get couples to say ‘I do’ at your wedding venue | Duetto

Attracting couples to your hotel for their wedding day requires a blend of strategy, empathy, and presentation. After all, you need to deliver an Instagram-worthy moment on possibly one of the most stressful and emotionally charged days of their lives – and all within budget. So, how do you do it?

4 factors for your wedding sales team to consider

1. Provide pricing transparency and budget-friendly options

Couples are not only making a deeply personal decision, but they’re also making a financial one. Offering clear pricing helps them plan within their budget.

It’s helpful to provide a detailed breakdown so that couples can see the exact costs for different services and options, from flowers to food. If you can automate this via your website, using a booking engine like OpenSpace, then all the better. 

Consider offering customizable wedding packages that cater to different budget levels. Show a basic, middle, and premium pricing tier to appeal to a wide range of affordability.

“Present three pricing options. Let them know you can do something close to their budget. And then offer a middle price and a premium price. We know from our daily lives that we’ll most likely pick the middle one,” advises Jeong Pyon, Director of Hospitality Solutions, APAC.

2. Deliver a digital and seamless experience

Couples today expect a smooth, online planning process. Offer a platform where couples can select their preferences and see a rough price estimate in real time. This will help them prioritize what they want from their big day.

Provide flexible booking policies. Life is unpredictable, and flexible cancellation or attrition policies can ease stress and make your venue more appealing. And if Auntie Edith has to cancel at the last minute – well, you’ve got another room to sell to transient guests at a nice premium rate.

“For most weddings, the couple book the venue, they agree on the number of hotel rooms and then the guests book themself. If you're flexible with your terms, and can let them know the balance can be paid within X weeks of the event or you will allow for 10% attrition, that could help take some of the stress out because they will be worrying ‘What if no one books until the last minute and I'm going to have to pay for the rooms?’,” says André Santos, Director of Hospitality Solutions, EMEA.

3. Build relationships

Establishing a connection matters. Couples want to feel valued and understood, especially when it comes to such an important day in their lives. Engage with them on a personal level from the first contact. Quick responses and a warm, welcoming attitude can make a significant difference. Provide a dedicated wedding coordinator who can assist couples throughout the planning process, ensuring their vision comes to life effortlessly.

“Couples want someone to build the picture for them from the get-go. They want to know what the day will look like, how it's going to flow, and who will help. They want to be in control but on the day of the wedding they just want to relax and enjoy it,” explains Marlene Cazares, Director of Customer Success, North America.

4. Create Instagram-worthy moments

In the age of social media, creating visually stunning and shareable moments is key – both to your wedding celebrants and to the future marketing of your venue.

Establish an environment where couples can imagine their special day. This involves everything from the ambiance to the first impression they get when they visit or communicate with you. Keep your venue's decor modern and appealing, while allowing couples to add their own personal touches. 

Use social media to showcase past events at your venue. This helps potential clients picture their special day and develop an emotional connection to your venue. They can see what other couples have done with the space and get inspiration from this.

“From a personal perspective, I would want to see the weddings of other people and I would want to get a vibe for it through social media. You can have the prettiest brochure but if it's printed, how am I getting that to you? It’s going to cost the hotel. Whereas, social media delivers a constantly refreshed experience, and you can curate customer-generated content too,” says Tomos Jones, Senior Customer Success Manager, EMEA.

It’s all about creating an irresistible proposition

By combining these strategies, you can create an irresistible proposition for couples considering your venue for their wedding. It's about being transparent, flexible, supportive, and emotionally engaging.

Cornelio Encarnacion, Associate Director of Customer Success, LATAM, sums it up:

“Market your wedding venues in a way that leaves no room for doubts. Use the right photos, make the experience as digital and seamless as possible, and offer flexible booking policies. For me, the most important one is to be available, have patience, and be you.”

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