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OpenSpace for function
space optimization

Data-driven dynamic pricing for
your meetings and event spaces

OpenSpace elevates function space profitability and drives booking efficiencies to ensure you are first to proposal, priced for profit, and optimized for booking conversion.
Empower revenue, sales, and catering teams with OpenSpace. Built to connect team members, and maximize on sales opportunities, its algorithm uses historical data and current demand patterns to create the perfect quote.
Target high-value groups
Protect your revenue with our minimum spend functionality, ensuring the right revenue for your event space.
Streamline function space bookings
Streamline bookings with a dedicated meeting and event space booking engine interfaced directly with your PMS.
Price based on demand
Monitor and adapt meeting and event space prices using algorithm-based pricing, based on demand and availability.
Total event space optimization
OpenSpace is the only tool providing decision-making capabilities alongside event space pricing recommendations for total revenue management.
Protect rates, control capacity
Utilize customer settings, to map your pricing strategy and protect your rates while controlling event capacity.
Optimize all upsell opportunities
The OpenSpace booking engine enables you to quickly calculate pricing and include common upsell opportunities.
Data-driven revenue management
Product Sheet

Increase total property profitability

Maximize group business profitability
Improve booking conversion rates
Accurate and competitive quotes
Boost cross-departmental alignment
Easy customer-generated quotes

Maximize every square foot of your property

OpenSpace is an effective booking tool that will revolutionize meeting and event sales at your hotel.
Direct PMS data integration
A direct data integration with your hotel’s PMS enables real-time pricing, inventory management, online bookings, and automatic updates.
Check availability, book instantly
Customers can check availability and obtain pricing without contacting the sales office, beating out the competition.
Competitive pricing, transparent quoting
Stay competitive with flexible pricing that provides transparency and allows customers to find availability for their budgets.

Start optimizing your revenue

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