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How Hotel Resorts Utilize the Power of Duetto’s Dynamic Revenue Management Solutions

Leading resort brands across the world, such as Boyne Resorts, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts, and Great Wolf Lodge, partner with Duetto for intelligent revenue management solutions that help their properties deliver smarter pricing, more accurate reports, and optimize contract business. 

Duetto’s innovative SaaS suite of forecasting, reporting, and group pricing applications strengthen revenue and efficiency, and boost conversion and guest loyalty for resort hotels globally.  

Our Open Pricing methodology empowers resorts to price all distribution channels, room types, stay dates, and customer segments independently, maximizing revenue without closing any booking opportunities. Better segmentation leads to more intelligent pricing. 

As well as this, Duetto gives hoteliers total automation, saving their resort’s revenue management team valuable time, effort, and resources that would usually be spent running and collating reports. Plus, Duetto’s forward-looking analytics give rate recommendations for resort hotels for up to five years into the future.  

Let’s take a look at how some of our resorts customers work with Duetto to innovate revenue management:

Boyne Resorts 

Boyne Resorts owns and operates 11 mountain and lakeside resorts, ski areas, and attractions across British Columbia and Maine. With the majority of its resorts being focused on skiing, Boyne’s peak season is winter, however it remains open during the summer months as well.

Boyne onboarded with Duetto in 2019, attracted by ‘the team and the technology’, according to Michael Anselmi, Vice President of Revenue Strategy & Business Development, Boyne Resorts.  “Duetto is an external coach and partner when it comes to revenue. That was the most important thing to me,” explains Anselmi. “Sure, the technology is great, but there's still a hands-on art of revenue management and we need that hands-on help,” he added. 

In the four years since joining Duetto, Anselmi has utilized our solutions to not only navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also to manage uncertain demand in its wake. Duetto has been key in helping Anselmi shape Boyne’s revenue strategy.  “Centralization, as well as the simplification of reports, has really helped my life,” he says.  “It enables us to define our segments better and look for opportunities to grow those segments as well as our forecasting abilities.”

Read the Boyne Resorts Case Study here: 

Park Royal

Mexico’s Park Royal Hotels & Resorts revenue optimizes all 11 of its properties through the Duetto platform, optimizing the rates for nearly 2,000 rooms throughout Mexico, the US, Puerto Rico, and Argentina. A leader in vacation experiences with more than 30 years of operations under its belt, Park Royal operates four distinct brands -  Grand Park Royal Luxury Resorts,  Park Royal Beach Resorts, Park Royal City and Park Royal Homestay. 

The resorts specialist joined forces with Duetto to optimize room rates using Duetto’s Open Pricing methodology, and to streamline reporting and make budgeting and forecasting easier.

“To improve when offering prices for each market segment, personalizing our discounts, and being more assertive when making a forecast are some of the values we are looking for with Duetto. We believe that there are many opportunities and together we can achieve them,” said Rafael Sandoval, Commercial Director, Park Royal Hotels & Resorts.

Read the Park Royal Case Study here: 

Great Wolf Lodge

Waterpark resort leader Great Wolf Lodge has completely realigned its revenue strategy by partnering with Duetto to optimize total profitability while driving occupancy.  

Before Duetto, Great Wolf Lodge spent too much time second-guessing and overriding its revenue management system, leaving less time to test new revenue strategies. Since onboarding with us, it has been able to develop a new strategy for growing total resort profitability by way of increased occupancy. 

“It’s really turned our revenue management system into a tailwind instead of a headwind. We’re spending a lot less time managing and second-guessing the system. It’s allowed us to find answers to tough questions very quickly and then optimize on them,” said Alan Genin Senior Vice President of Revenue and Ecommerce Great Wolf Lodge. 

Read the Great Wolf Lodge Case Study here: 

Learn more about how Duetto works with hotel resort brands. Visit: 

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Claire Middleton, Contributing Editor

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