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How Global Hotel Companies Price Smart and Optimize Business with Duetto

Leading hotel companies across the world, such as the Radisson Hotel Group and Louvre Hotels Group, work with Duetto as a preferred partner for intelligent revenue management solutions to help their hotels price smart, report accurately, and optimize contract business. 

With Open Pricing, hoteliers have the power to price all stay dates, distribution channels, room types and customer segments separately, which boosts revenue without the need to close booking opportunities.  

Duetto offers controlled automation which saves revenue management teams time, effort and resources, and our dynamic and forward-looking analytics provide them with highly accurate rate recommendations for up to five years into the future.  

Let’s look at how two global hotel brands work with Duetto for their enterprise-level revenue management:

Radisson Hotel Group

Duetto is proud to be one of the key tech partners supporting The Revenue Club - a central feature of Radisson’s global revenue structure designed to deliver best-in-class revenue management. The Revenue Club, in Radisson’s own words, ‘redefines what future revenue management will look like by mixing human intuition, cutting-edge innovation, and strategic partnerships’. 

“We see Duetto as an enabler of The Revenue Club,” said Gianni Di Fede, Senior Vice President of Revenue Management, Distribution, and RevGen BI, EMEA, Radisson Hotel Group. 

EMMA is the Radisson Hotel Group’s exclusive technology platform that performs all core functions, in order to incorporate all of its properties within one unified Revenue Management System, of which Duetto forms a part.

Pierre-Baptiste Lechien, Director of Revenue Technology, EMEA, Radisson Hotel Group, is a day-to-day user of Duetto within this platform.

“It's important to have the technology on board and Duetto is a great help. We are benefitting from the automation,” Lechien said.

“Having almost real-time rate refreshes for all the hotels, and making sure that you can react on time to the pick up for each destination is important. Having technology like this on board is crucial. Also, having this complementarity with Duetto to be able to insert the strategy that we want to achieve into the tool and having this flexibility is key to making sure that we can have the strategy that we want and have Duetto as part of that journey,” Lechien added.

Using this tech, Radisson Hotel Group sees significant efficiencies in terms of revenue management for multi-hotel city destinations, such as Amsterdam or London.

Di Fede explained: “In such destinations, you can work together to push one hotel above the rest, depending on demand. This strategy gives you an enormous advantage compared to those hotels or chains managing revenue only on an individual property basis. It's easier from a global point of view, to go and share a strategy and make sure that the strategy gets immediately translated into actions.

“Duetto is critical to improving efficiency here. When you manage multi-property destinations then you can also identify the sister properties and build a strategy, one after the other.”

He added: “When you manage events when demand is very high and constrained, Duetto helps you to have one strategy and cascade it down to multiple properties.”

Louvre Hotels Group

Louvre Hotels Group has 1,700 properties in 60 countries across the world. In March 2021, the company decided to advance its tech stack. After asking what strategic projects and levers they needed to take the company forward, they came to the conclusion that empowering revenue management and pricing was where the focus needed to be aimed. 

“We went out to tender for a revenue management system (RMS),” said Ignazio Pisano, Vice President of Revenue Management & Pricing at Louvre Hotels Group. “We did consider several tools. Duetto is the one that fits our organization, and our ambitions, the most. We have a vision of agility and open, dynamic pricing that Duetto is responding to perfectly.”

By May 2023 Louvre Hotels Group had completed the integration, onboarding, and go-live for all of its owned and leased hotel assets. More than 250 hotels, totaling 22,000 hotel rooms, now optimize revenue with Duetto’s GameChanger and BlockBuster applications.

“The biggest benefit is that we know there is something clever working in the background 24/7, stimulating our talented RM teams towards new optimization horizons. This multiplies the potential of capturing quality revenue. Business intelligence combined with automation is the number one benefit.

“The second benefit comes from our team learnings. We can learn by comparing Duetto’s rate recommendations with what we would do. I do not expect Duetto to be 100% right. But I like that it will challenge our revenue management and pricing practices, and make us ask ‘Why does the tool do this and go in this direction?’ That’s a fantastic learning opportunity for us.”

Finally, Pisano added: “Third, we want to use the team’s spare time, which comes from not doing manual tasks, to start new added-value activities of total revenue and profit management.

Learn more about how Duetto collaborates with leading hotels here:

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