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Duetto’s Digital Onboarding Experience: Accelerated Revenue Recognition and Operational Efficiency

Duetto’s Digital Onboarding Experience provides a streamlined, structured, and integrated approach to Duetto Onboarding, allowing clients to increase their revenues faster than ever before and drive operational efficiencies across their portfolio.

Hannah Luffman, Sr. Director of Global Marketing, recently sat down with David Gerrard, Lead Integrations Product Manager, for a coffee and a chat about Duetto's Digital Onboarding Experience.

Morning David, let's start at the very beginning; what does Duetto’s Digital Onboarding Experience mean for its customers?

Digital Onboarding provides consistency across properties, as users can simply copy data between hotels creating efficiencies and data standardization.

With a focus on scalability and collaboration, our existing users can duplicate information within their portfolio, and multiple users can onboard a property or a cluster at the same time. At the end of the day, we want to make sure we are enabling all of our users to recognize revenue faster.

Because Digital Onboarding lives within the Duetto app, it’s a seamless process.  All data is auto-saved to the cloud, so that users know their data is secure, and they can focus on providing the required data points instead of worrying about file management and sharing permissions.

Can you tell me about how the streamlined process benefits customers who are onboarding a new property portfolio with Duetto?

The hotelier’s experience of onboarding is as streamlined as possible. They simply enter the name of their company, the name of the hotel that they want to connect with Duetto, and select the tech platforms, like PMS, that the hotel uses. At the same time, Duetto will already be interacting with the partner systems, and triggering the live feed of the various data points required to drive Duetto’s algorithms. The hotels are provided with their login details, and they are free to start using Duetto right away!

Giving hotels the control they desire over their creation in the app means that they can start increasing their revenue using Duetto right from kick-off. Essentially, Duetto has ensured that hotels can start using their product even faster, with hotels in control of their own data.

From the creation of Open Pricing to the recent launch of Duetto Advance, Duetto has always innovated in line with rapidly changing market dynamics. How does the Digital Onboarding Experience reflect Duetto’s approach to innovation?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, staying ahead requires not only innovation but a fundamental shift in the way we approach revenue management. This has always been Duetto’s core strength, building for the market first and then with the key understanding of user experience and ease of use within that. The onboarding module is another reflection of this approach. It's not just about helping customers recognize revenues faster, it's about doing it in a way that also drives operational efficiency, a key factor in today's environment, as revenue managers are managing more complexity than ever before. Duetto is a full-service technology company, and our approach to innovation is holistic and thoughtful for the user.

Fantastic David, now can you share the five key benefits of the Digital Onboarding Experience?

  • Unlock operational efficiencies: By streamlining processes and centralizing critical information, the platform empowers users to break free from time-consuming tasks, allowing them to redirect valuable resources towards refining the guest experience.
  • Increase speed to revenue recognition: By accelerating the revenue recognition cycle, the platform becomes a catalyst for dynamic decision-making, ensuring that opportunities are seized and potential pitfalls are averted in real-time.
  • Provide a holistic approach to data quality: By ensuring the reliability of data, hoteliers can trust in the insights derived from the system, making informed decisions that resonate throughout the entire operational ecosystem.
  • Redefine scalability: Digital Onboarding redefines scalability, allowing hoteliers to replicate successful setups effortlessly across properties. This isn't just a time-saving feature; it's a strategic lever that ensures consistency in revenue management strategies.
  • Transparent visibility: At the heart of operational excellence lies transparency. Duetto’s user-centric interface provides a crystal clear view into the onboarding journey, giving hoteliers the ability to discern completed setups from those needing attention. 


Thanks David, now can you give us a sneak peek into what the product integrations team is working on next?

I absolutely cannot, but I can tell you that marking your calendars for HITEC Charlotte in June would be a very smart idea if you want to learn about what’s next in the Duetto innovation journey!

Start your Duetto journey today. Get in touch to book a demo and learn more about how your hotel business could benefit from our revenue optimization solutions.


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