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Duetto Pulse Report: Traveler Intent Remains Strong For 2021

April 16, 2020 | Sarah McCay Tams, Director of Content, EMEA

Today, Duetto has launched the Duetto Pulse Report, a free, data-driven analysis of key metrics including bookings, reservations and cancellations in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

The majority of hotels around the world may be closed, or at least experiencing little to no demand, but that doesn’t mean travelers are not still dreaming of their next getaway, and taking steps to modify trips or push back to stay dates later in the year. 

While recovery may be a few weeks or months away, and travel patterns may alter somewhat with a predicted swing towards domestic travel resuming first, website data does provide an insight into consumer confidence.

Built by Duetto’s team of revenue experts and analysts, the Duetto Pulse Report provides a bi-weekly analysis of web traffic data from hotels using the Duetto platform.

The first report, highlighting data for March 2 until April 5, shows clear indications that travelers intend to resume travel as soon as possible.

Reservations By Stay Date

For the US market, OTB reservations made between March 30 - April 5 by stay month for the remainder of 2020 remain down compared to 2019 figures. However, by April 2021 the figures start to return to comparable levels, with current reservations for stays in May, June, July and August 2021 all showing gains against STLY. These gains are potentially due to seasonal business shifting to next year – holidays booked for summer 2020 being swapped for holidays in summer 2021.

Travelers in Europe booking hotels during March 30 - April 5 also saw an uptick in reservations from April 2021 onwards, where data stayed ahead of STLY for rooms booked for April through to September.

Asia Pacific saw the same trend, with April 2021 seeing a change in balance.

Consumers booking at the start of this month have clearly set a 12-month buffer on travel plans, with April 2021 signaling a turning point at present.

The Duetto Pulse Report is based on weekly web traffic data from hotels using the Duetto platform. Fluctuations are to be expected in line with Covid-19 directives from governments and the UN World Health Organization.

Discover more about market demand signals for your part of the world and start to anticipate and plan for recovery. Subscribe to the Duetto Pulse Report here.


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