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What You Loved this Year: Duetto’s Most Watched Videos from 2019

In 2019, Duetto looked inward and talked with more customers than ever before about how we can help them tackle immediate challenges. We took a hard look at ways to allow revenue teams to work more efficiently through tools like improved automation and more visibility into analytics, and in turn developed content to help hoteliers understand the importance of an innovative revenue strategy. With video, our leadership team identified trends in the space and we helped our customers and partners share revenue their strategy best practices.

Here is a roundup of the videos from 2019 that Duetto readers found the most interesting.

Duetto Concepts: Simplifying Revenue Management

Duetto's CEO Patrick Bosworth discusses Duetto's mission to simplify the lives of revenue managers -- saving them time, arming them with the right information, preparing recommendations and highlighting the data that's most important so they can begin managing by exception.

Product Update: Automated Room Type Pricing Recommendations

Duetto releases regular product updates and enhancements, including this feature to help revenue managers better independently yield their room types.

Duetto Presents: Ruby Hotels

Delivering 'lean luxury' and using technology to automate where possible has helped Ruby Hotels create a business model built for maximum profit.

Duetto Presents: H-Hotels

A centralised revenue team with dedicated analytics experts, powered by an integrated tech stack, give H-Hotels the edge in Europe’s competitive markets.

How Comp-Set Data Should Shape Your Pricing Decisions

Duetto sits down to discuss hospitality industry trends with Lucy Clark of Riversage Inns, Cori Oles of IMH Financial, Christine Jackson of Citizen M and Jesse Sturges of Mohegan Sun.

Trend Spotting: Building a Revenue Culture

What does a revenue culture really mean? Duetto co-founder Patrick Bosworth says start by getting alignment around your market strategy and then agreement on what the priorities are, including what each team's role is in achieving those objectives.

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