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Unicorn Of The Month: Edu Sanhueso

Edu Sanhueso is our Unicorn of the Month for April. Edu joined Duetto in September 2021 as Integrations Analyst working within the Product Team and has taken on some huge projects during that time. 

Edu was awarded Unicorn of the Month for always being open to new ideas, being quick to reach out to third parties to make updates to benefit a customer, and for his amazing work on projects such as Prestige and Oaky. 

Announcing Edu as the Unicorn of the Month at our April Town Hall, Duetto’s CEO, David Wollenberg called him a ‘superstar’, commenting: “Edu might be new to Duetto, but he has already made a huge impact. His curiosity, passion, and commitment are present in everything he does. He is quick to learn and always up for a challenge.” 

Speaking about his award, Edu said: “It was a great surprise for me, I didn't expect it at all. It is nice to discover what others think about you and it is a great motivation to continue working with the same energy and dedication.”

We caught up with Edu to find out more about his role, what he likes about working at Duetto, and his biggest achievements so far. 

What first attracted you to the company?

I was very curious about the hospitality industry and when I investigated further, I soon found that Duetto is a leading company within that industry.

Did we live up to your expectations? Tell us why? 

Totally! I was very impressed with the company culture and how everybody takes care of how you feel. If there is something that you are not comfortable with, somebody will help you work it out. My previous workplace also had a great people culture and I was afraid to lose that but Duetto has been even better.

Tell us a little about your role & what an average day looks like.

As an Integrations Analyst working within the Product team, I have a real advantage because we have the space to make an impact within the Duetto application by creating new features or enhancing existing ones. An average day in the life of an Integration Analyst is a mix of working with partners to build strong relationships and new integrations and also working on the existing ones. There is a bit of "client-facing" work and a lot of technical stuff as well; I like that combination.

What's been your biggest achievement so far at Duetto?

I'm very proud of being part of the new Integration with Oaky (

I’m also really proud of the Duetto HTNG Validator which is a tool that helps our partners to evaluate the messages they need to send to Duetto during the development phase.

What goals do you still want to smash?

I want to continue working on new integrations and making great partnerships. On the technical side, I want to be able to collaborate on new features that make partners' lives easier when integrating with us.


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