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Pride Month: Hello Flavia!

Duetto is proud of the diversity we cultivate in our multinational, multicultural, multigender team. ‘Come as you are’ is one of our four Core Values.

We value diverse perspectives, experiences, and cultures and we encourage the open sharing of ideas and healthy debate across the company. We take our fun seriously and make time to build the relationships necessary for each individual to succeed.

This Pride Month, we are catching up with members of our team from the LGBTQI+ community to learn more about their experiences working with Duetto.

Meet Flavia Teixeiraflavs

Flavia joined Duetto in November 2022 as an Integration Analyst in the Product Department. Her main responsibility is to help expand Duetto’s partner network by certifying new integrations, providing technical support to our partners throughout their development and testing phases, and ensuring that our clients - the hotels - can use these new integrations flawlessly. 

Hospitality and revenue management are new territories for Flavia, as before entering the hospitality world, she worked in the music tech scene for seven years. Music is a huge part of Flavia’s life. “I love discovering unique and captivating sounds from around the world and dancing to them when no one is watching,” she told us. As well as music, she has also recently become passionate about cooking and her ultimate goal this year is to try to veganize all her favourite childhood dishes to bring back those affective memories - but cruelty-free. In her free time, Flavia loves reading, spending time with her girlfriend and friends, and enjoying the Barcelona sun on one of its many terraces while drinking an ice-cold Vermut!

Let’s get to know her better!

What is it like being a member of the LGBTQI+ community and working at Duetto? 

Being part of the LGBTQI+ community and working at Duetto is a very positive experience. While most companies might list flashy perks, what truly matters to me is a workplace that embraces and celebrates diversity. At Duetto, I can definitely be my true self and I feel genuinely supported by my colleagues.

Does Duetto foster an inclusive work environment? If so, how?

Absolutely! I think Duetto is doing a pretty good job with inclusivity by offering equal opportunities to all, regardless of background or identity. It's super nice to see that even if you come from a different industry, like myself, you're welcomed and encouraged to bring your voice and thrive here. 

One of our company values is ‘Come as you are’. What does that mean for you personally? And how do you see that represented by your work colleagues? 

For me personally, the value of "Come as you are" means that the company is a safe and accepting space where you can show your true colors without the fear of judgement. One initiative that beautifully represents this value is the "Come as you are" sessions, in which every month a colleague shares their passions, hobbies, and cultural experiences with the rest of the company. It's such an amazing opportunity to get to know your colleagues beyond work. Those are definitely my favourite meetings!

How did you first find out about Duetto? What attracted you to the company?

Before joining Duetto I was working at Mews - a Duetto partner - which was where I first came into contact with this company. Duetto has a very positive reputation in the industry but what impressed me the most was the great people I met during the hiring process and how it was conducted. I knew then that I had made the right choice and now embracing this new challenge has been an absolute pleasure.

How does working at Duetto differ from other places you’ve worked, in terms of the culture and attitudes of the company? 

I've worked for companies where cultural initiatives were either nearly nonexistent or overpromised/ underdelivered. In Duetto, I feel that yes, culture is reflected in one of our values and we celebrate it, but more than that, one thing I've been noticing since I joined Duetto, is that every single person I talk to here is just genuinely nice and accepting. I think we are doing a pretty good job on hiring people with the right values.

Tell us about the best day you’ve ever had working at Duetto.

Hands down my best moment was when I met my team in person for the first time here in Barcelona last February. Being a ‘local’, I took it upon myself to introduce them to the 'calçots' experience at a local restaurant. It was so much fun (even though not everyone was a fan of those smoky onions - looking at you Alexa!) Meeting everyone in person, especially since we're spread across different countries, was really priceless.

How will you be celebrating throughout Pride month this June?

Within Duetto I can't wait to participate in all the different activities that are being organized, such as Musical Bingo and Movie Night, amongst others. Outside Duetto, I'm feeling inspired to give back to the community and look for ways to better support ACATHI - an organization in Barcelona that supports LGBTIQ+ refugees and provides them with a safe home. Finally, I'd love to be back in Amsterdam (my favourite European city) for a few weeks and then participate in the Pride Amsterdam Festival. Nothing beats the combination of great beer and a canal parade.

What opportunities do you see ahead for you at Duetto?

I'm currently focused on soaking up as much knowledge and expertise as possible; my primary goal is to become the most valuable teammate that my team needs. As for the future, who knows what exciting possibilities lie ahead? But whatever comes next I know it will be great!

What would you say to others considering a role at our company?

If you're seeking a company where smartness, kindness, acceptance and an exciting product converge, then Duetto is definitely for you!

This blog post is part of our Duetto Pride Month blog series. Enjoyed learning more about Flavia? Then check out our previous blog and hear what Whitney had to share. 

Want to join a team that recognizes talent and believes in rewarding on merit alone? Check out our Careers Page for our current openings.

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