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How Independent and Smaller Hotel Groups Compete With Industry Giants With Duetto

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, the quest to maximize revenue is a constant challenge. To achieve this goal, independent and smaller owner/operator hotel groups often find themselves competing against industry giants, striving to leverage their unique selling points in a crowded market. 

At Duetto, we understand the distinct challenges faced by these businesses, and we're here to help them thrive through our innovative technology. Here are three of the ways in which Duetto assists:

  • Our Open Pricing methodology enables hotels to price every room, segment, and distribution channel independently, driving the ultimate results from your inventory;
  • The integrated tech stack enables smaller owner/operator hotel groups to be more agile in their approach to market and manage staff efficiencies, optimizing every profit opportunity;
  • Our cloud-based revenue management system provides stakeholders with access to valuable reports, forecasts, and budget information, shared seamlessly between teams, empowering operators and informing hotel owners.


Now let’s see what a few of our clients have to say about choosing Duetto as a solution.

Linchris Hotel Corporation 

Linchris Hotel Corporation works with a wide variety of hotel types across the US, from urban hotels to waterfront resorts, independent names, and big brands. The company’s portfolio includes properties in California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, New Hampshire, and more, and includes the Hotel Tybee, GA, Inn at Middletown, CT, and the Anchor In Hotel in Hyannis, MA.

Each property under the Linchris management umbrella benefits from a comprehensive management system that includes a careful analysis of each hotel's financial goals, as well as its systems and controls, and a detailed revenue-maximizing marketing plan. 

Linchris joined Duetto in 2021 and has been seeing consistent year-on-year growth in rates, as well as increasing the team’s efficiency and strategies’ effectiveness. 

“Duetto has been a valuable partner and game changer in assisting our revenue management team. It has systematically improved our efficiency in optimizing rate and demand. It has helped our revenue managers understand future demand patterns and allowed us to drive rate by room types, allowing us to adjust pricing strategies accordingly,” said John P Argonish, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Linchris Hotel Corporation,  about Linchris’ utilization of Duetto.

When discussing results and future forecasts, Jenna M Bergamino, Corporate Director of Revenue Management, Linchris Hotel Corporation, added: “We are also starting to see some association and group business come back and look forward to even more growth in those segments. We are also focusing on ways to grow hotel revenues as a whole across all profit centers within the hotel and working towards revenue management strategies for those other revenue sources within our hotels.”

To read more about Linchris Hotel Corporation or other similar cases in the industry, check out our eBook ‘Revenue Strategy For Independent Hotels: How Technology Helps You Compete’

The Edgewater Hotel

The Edgewater Hotel is part of Noble House Hotels & Resorts, which operates a collection of independent lifestyle resorts, hotels, and restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. The owner/operator is also one of the six founding partners of the Curator Hotel & Resort Collection, which was founded in 2020. Through a competitive selection process in 2021, Curator chose Duetto as their preferred partner for revenue solutions due to Duetto's comprehensive suite of revenue applications and cloud-based revenue strategy solutions. And here is how they have implemented our technology so far:

  • Our technology freed up revenue strategy teams to spend more time focusing on strategy and compression nights, than reporting and data entry;
  • Open Pricing provided a system that enabled the teams to yield all segments, room types, and distribution channels independently and in real-time;
  • Flexible Segmentation enabled The Edgewater Hotel, and all Noble House properties to constantly adapt to the changing market needs.


“There are a couple of things that really separate this product. One is the ease of use. And then there is tracking that can be embedded into a website, which is one of the things I think that we have always been missing. To be able to track what’s happening on your website, and understand what is happening in the funnel, has been a big game changer for us,” claims Darrell Stark VP, Revenue Management & Distribution, Noble House Hotels & Resorts.

Learn how the Edgewater Hotel achieved a RevPAR increase of 42%, and an increase in ADR by 10% (Jun to Sep 2022 versus Jun to Sep 2021) in this case study.

You can also hear more about the easy and pleasant onboarding process from Ian McClendon, General Manager, The Edgewater Hotel, and Rebecca Elder, Regional Director of Revenue Management, Edgewater Hotel, Noble House Hotels & Resorts here.

Duetto builds powerful alliances with big brands, and smaller independent hotels alike, providing them with access to award-winning technology. This helps these properties to optimize revenue, boost profitability, and drive efficiencies, ensuring they remain competitive against their competitors, regardless of the scope of their business.

Learn more about how Duetto assists independent and smaller owner/operator hotel groups here: 


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