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Creating More Purposeful Touchpoints in the Contactless Era

The uneven global industry rebound, uncertain economic environment, and labor market challenges require properties to embrace operational efficiency in the months and years ahead. From a revenue optimization standpoint, commercial teams need to understand the importance of interfacing with the various components of the tech stack. Hospitality company system-size growth can present challenges from a technology perspective; standing up new properties on a platform can be resource and system intensive.

Easily Scale Your Hotel Technology

One unique advantage that Duetto has, is its dedicated team of system experts that streamline the deployment process to overcome challenges of brand footprint expansion to increase market distribution globally. No matter how many conversions or new builds are in the pipeline, Duetto partners with corporate staff to seamlessly initialize properties on the platform and test sell beforehand to facilitate faster ramp-up times.

Customer Support = Customer Success

Secondly, Duetto invests in corporate support staff that act as champions on behalf of the organization, enabling them to quickly answer tier 1 inquiries without the administrative overhead of logging tickets and waiting for responses.

Additionally, an online resource hub, containing knowledge-based articles with quick lookup functionality, is available to all commercial team users to supplement Duetto experts that are available 24X7. Duetto provides multiple channels to resolve questions because we know, in revenue management, time is money.

Realize Operational Efficiencies

And last but certainly not least, is training, which is imperative for commercial teams to realize operational efficiencies. Duetto has evolved its revenue management training into a 21st-century practice, with an interactive virtual class format and electronic distribution of materials that eliminates costs and prevents regional directors and on-property staff from missing days in the office, which can result in lost opportunities. It all starts with an understanding of revenue management strategic workflow or the steps of a sound revenue strategy.

Duetto training is designed to follow specific workflow steps to generate accurate forecasts and logical recommendations to optimize revenue for properties. The platform was developed using highly sophisticated and methodically tested algorithms. Its approach and design fully support revenue management principles and best practices. With a thorough understanding of the system and following strategic workflow, users will find few needs to override system recommendations. The result is increased efficiency, accuracy, and revenue!

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