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Consumer Uncertainty Continues To Depress Hotel Bookings

August 6, 2020 | Sarah McCay Tams, Director of Content, EMEA

Short-term booking trends continue as consumer confidence remains uncertain, according to the latest edition of the Pulse Report, which assesses key hotel metrics from July 13-26.

Short-term trends are also being witnessed in web traffic where there is a clear desire to travel but unfortunately little to no commitment on bookings. Consumers are looking but not booking. As such, all regions tracked by the Pulse Report remain sharply behind STLY.

Booking Trends

In North America we saw a slowdown in short-term bookings across the region. New bookings for stays in both August and September saw a slowdown as compared to the most recent Pulse Report (June 29 to July 12), while the slightly longer-term bookings window saw an uptick with stays for October and November increasing by 32% and 34% respectively. 

“A lot of the numbers are down, especially when we look at the major markets. When we look at New York it's down - not surprising for a lot of people. But when we look at Chicago it's down, Los Angeles is down, San Francisco is down, Seattle is down – even though it is well beyond the peak of the virus at this point,” explains Daniel Lofton, Director of Hospitality Solutions, Americas, and one of the Pulse Report authors.

Latin America continued to face difficulty with new bookings. The latest Pulse Report showed a further slowdown in new booking activity for the region, with August slowing by 41%. All future months also showed this slowdown to varying degrees.

In EMEA, short-term interest remained the norm, but with some positive trends also appearing for stay dates through to the end of the year. Focusing on stays in the upcoming three months, August increased by 52%, September and October by 26% and 27% respectively.

How the changes in travel restrictions that have since been announced for the EMEA region may impact those forward bookings remains to be seen. Check out the next Pulse Report on August 20 for further insight.

In Asia Pacific short-term booking trends also held firm, with a 95% increase in net pick up for August stay dates compared to the last Pulse Report (June 29 to July 12). 

Bookings with lead times within the upcoming 3-4 weeks are still coming in, with the biggest increase coming from the Greater China region – up 199%.

However, looking beyond the current month, net pick up slowed significantly. September showed 40% less pick up, while pick up for October, November and December decreased 70%. This was due to less new bookings rather than an increase in cancellations.

Web Traffic

For North America, despite the slowdown in new bookings for the short-term stay window, web traffic suggested there was interest. Website visits for both August and September doubled. However, what we are all waiting to see is when this interest will convert into new bookings.

Interestingly, we saw a similar trend in the most recent web traffic data in LATAM to what we see in North America. Despite a slowdown in new bookings, web traffic showed a significant increase in visits for the short-term window. Visits for stays in the month of August showed an 190% increase compared to the previous Pulse Report.

Web searches for EMEA continued to increase for immediate future months, with August up 47%, September up 22% and October up 17%.

Web traffic in APAC also remained short term. The most recent Pulse Report saw a 16% increase in web traffic for August stay dates, while September and October showed 1% and 4% decreases respectively.

The Duetto Pulse Report is a bi-weekly report available for free to hoteliers from around the world. It tracks key metrics for North America, Latin America, EMEA and APAC. Subscribe here:

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