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Booking Pace Up 60% For 2022

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Pulse December LATAM (dragged)

December 2021 | LATAM is leading the way for booking pace while web search activity remains high for both the short-term booking window and for 2022 as a whole. The data also shows that the biggest winners in terms of asset classes for pick up were traditional hotels and short-term rentals who both reported triple-digit gains. In terms of web shopping, it seems consumers were most interested in looking for all-inclusive and resort properties. 

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Weekly Net Pick Up by Stay Month

graphs-pulse-report-2021-dec_LATAM-Weekly Net Pickup by Stay Month

This graph shows the volume of net room night pick up (new bookings minus cancelations) broken down by stay month made during the most recent calendar month (November 2021). The percentage indicates the variance in comparison to the prior month (October 2021).

Cancelation activity was negligible for December stay dates but accelerated for the first three months of 2022.

Latin America leads all global regions in booking pace for 2022, up 60%. Traditional hotels and short-term rentals both posted triple-digit gains in the velocity of bookings.

On The Books vs. STLY by Stay Month

graphs-pulse-report-2021-sept_EMEA-OTB copy 2-1

This graph shows the evolution of reserved status room night volume for future stay dates broken down by stay month over the last three months.The percentage indicates the variance compared to same time last year for the most recent month’s data.

OTB committed occupancy for Latin America is a tale of two halves: trending higher in each of the next five months but lagging behind the prior year every month in 2022 from May onwards.

Volume of Web Traffic by Stay Month


This graph shows volume of web traffic data (bookings, regrets and denials on brand.com) for future stay dates, broken down by stay month.The percentage indicates the variance in comparison to the last Pulse Report.

Brand.com searches across Latin America remain healthy in the short-term booking window as well as the full year 2022. Resort shopping for 2022 was the most popular, followed by all-inclusive.

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