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Duetto Releases Whitepaper Based on Revenue Manager Feedback

New publication details how and why hoteliers must look beyond revenue and lean on technology to enable and empower them to provide a better guest experience.

Duetto, hospitality’s innovative provider of cloud-based revenue management applications, has published a whitepaper showcasing research gathered through surveys and interviews with nearly 100 revenue managers from across the globe.

The piece explores many of the new trends shaping the hotel industry as well as many of the pain points experienced by revenue managers, including how concerns seem to have shifted from competing with OTAs and driving top-line revenue to improving processes, gaining clearer visibility into future demand opportunities and making data- and profit-driven decisions.

It goes on to showcase how innovative technology can help revenue managers abandon the complicated, repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can easily be automated so that they  can “manage by exception,” or focus less on pulling pricing levers and more on building strategies to capitalize on their most compressed days.

 “If the only way you are adding value as a revenue manager is through pricing strategy, you'll be obsolete in five years,” says Mike Medsker, co-founder of Focal Revenue Solutions. “The robots are coming, and they are pretty good at crunching numbers and updating prices.”

New technology can now alert revenue teams to demand spikes and react with real-time rate recommendations by room type, segment, channel, and more. The key is making sure the right data is powering the right systems.

For additional information, or to schedule an interview, RSVP for Duetto’s Media and Consultants Reception from 3-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18, in Room 213-B of the Minneapolis Convention Center.


Duetto provides a suite of cloud applications to simplify hospitality revenue decisions and allow hoteliers to work smarter, increasing organizational efficiency, revenue and profitability. The unique combination of hospitality experience and technology leadership drives Duetto to look for innovative solutions to industry challenges. The SaaS platform allows hotels and casinos to leverage dynamic data sources and actionable insights into pricing and demand across the enterprise. More than 3,000 hotel and casino properties in more than 60 countries have partnered to use Duetto’s applications, which include GameChanger for pricing, ScoreBoard for intelligent reporting and BlockBuster for contracted-business optimization.

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